Wine or Gin: The Battle is Real

4 Jan 2021
Larry Ficks

Moderate alcohol consumption has been linked to certain health benefits, but not all beverages are created equal. The pros and cons of drinking depend on which type of alcohol you choose and the amount you drink. While red wine lovers know their favourite drink has been linked with numerous benefits (such as healthier heart and sharper mind), gin lovers praise their choice of drink for being one of the most calorie-friendly spirits.

If you’re not sure what to choose, remember that even though some beverages may have health benefits, drinking alcohol is something you do for enjoyment. If you can’t decide whether to go for wine or gin because you like them both, here is what you need to know about them and how to choose.

How to Find the Right Wine for You

When dining in a restaurant, a sommelier or a certified wine specialist can help you select a perfect wine. By asking about your taste preferences, they can recommend a wine that complements your food, but what happens when you’re browsing the shelves or an online wine store with numerous choices of bottles? Selecting the right wine may be a daunting task, so here are some tips that may help you get the most of your wine shopping experience.

wine sommelier at wine store


The label on the bottle or product description gives you information on flavour notes, characteristics of the wine, origin of the grapes, alcohol percentage and more. Understanding some basic information about wine can help you decide which wines are a good choice for you and which ones you may want to skip. First of all, it’s important to find a reputable wine store that provides all the information you need and can assist you in your wine adventure. When you find a great wine shop, you’re halfway done in your search for a good bottle of wine.

So, let’s begin with the common perception that older wine is better. It’s not true for all the wines out there as different wines are best after different aging periods. The aging process depends on the region the wine originates from as well as the amounts of tannins, acids and sugars it contains. Aging is more important for red wines than white wines, so if you ever find yourself choosing between two red wines, you may go for the older one.

When you buy wine online, you have an opportunity to find some really good deals. However, it’s important to always start with the flavours and characteristics you prefer when selecting wine, then consider the occasion and the price. You can use a wine app or make a note of the name of the wine, the region and the variety of grapes. This way you could easily track what you like and dislike and narrow down your options for the next purchase.

people buying wine at wine store


The biggest general category in wine is sweet vs dry. The easiest step to determine your preferences is to ask yourself if the wine seems sweet to you and if the sugar content suits you. Every wine will have a taste of fruit, therefore some sweetness, but your answer will be an indication if you prefer a sweeter wine or a dry one.

Consider the weight of the wine as well, whether it’s light, medium or full-bodied. Does it feel like water going down or it tastes rich and full? Checking the alcohol content may help as more alcohol creates more mouthfeel. As you try new wines, your taste may change, so you’re more likely to find the wine you like the most. You’ll learn if you like sweet and full-bodied wines or dry and medium-bodied or other. Ultimately, wine, rose, red or white, is about enjoyment, so try to carve out a moment, taste the wine and let your senses take over.

How to Pick Your Gin

Gin – a spirit that’s easily approached, but not always understood. Originating from Europe, it’s believed to be one of the clearest spirits ever made that offers numerous health benefits. It’s characterised with the use of juniper as a flavouring, supported by other botanical characters that add greater complexity, such as herbs, bark, roots, vegetable or fruit.

gin coctail in glasses


Gin was a very popular drink hundreds of years ago and is coming back in trend over the past few years. As a clear, crispy and refreshing spirit, it can be enjoyed straight or with a variety of mixes, from old fashioned cocktails to more experimental ones. Many people declare their appreciation for the spirit as the presence of gin is significantly increasing on the beverage scene and you can order gin online with the flavours of almost every state in Australia.

botanic australian gin


You can select gins made using traditional botanicals or gins with mainly Australian botanicals and experiment with flavours until you find the one you prefer the most. Whether you like your gin straight or mixed, you can choose classic or a craft packed and order gin online to begin your gin tasting journey or as a gift to someone else. The diverse palette will grab anyone’s attention and you can find different packs suitable for the season and for various occasions.

To find your own go-to gin, you’ll need to consider a few factors. There are many different options due to the combinations between the method of distilling, size of the final cut, quantities of each botanical and ratio of botanicals to alcohol. What you’ll need to decide is whether you prefer sweet or dry gin, pure, on ice or in a mixed drink. Gin doesn’t normally require aging, but still, you can find both aged or fresh and young.

Try to sip gin at room temperature, swirl the spirit in your mouth and let the warmth hit your tongue. A good gin will not burn, but still, you can add a bit of cold water before swirling it one more time and allow the botanicals to come through. Enjoy an old-fashioned Martini or a citrus flavoured Tom Collins. As an aperitif, you can’t go wrong with Negroni, and always feel free to experiment and improve your gin experience.