All You Need to Know About Reusable Beeswax Food Cover Wraps

21 Apr 2021
Dana Grace

Healthy trends are on the rise lately as many people are trying to make some changes to their lifestyles. While some turn to raw chocolate bars as a healthier option than dark chocolate, others are trying to balance their healthy lifestyle and control the impact big businesses have on the environment at the same time.

Food waste is a big problem all around the world, including Australia, so we need to look for ways to keep our food fresh for longer, resolve the problem with takeaway food packaging and create a positive impact on the world around us over time. 

Even some little things we do can be more mindful and less wasteful, like wrapping our food, for instance. Beeswax wraps are a natural and plastic-free alternative to disposable cling wrap products. They are one of the latest trends in reducing waste in the home, very popular in Australian kitchens right now.

What’s All the Buzz About Food Wraps?

Food wrapped with beeswax wraps

Beeswax wraps are simple square or rectangle of cotton with a waxy sheen and are made from sustainable products by infusing pieces of cotton with a mixture of food-grade bee’s wax, organic jojoba oil and tree resin. The waxy coating makes the cloth waterproof and breathable and creates a pliable and slightly tacky material. Beeswax food wraps are washable, meaning they are to take care of. Also, they are compostable and leave no toxicity to the soil. Beeswax food wraps have antifungal and antibacterial properties, they’re watertight and lock in moisture, but don’t let it build up.

Are Beeswax Food Wraps Reusable?

Close-up of beeswax reusable food wrap

Maybe you’ve heard about reusable smoothie cups by now, and yes, they’re great. But when it comes to beeswax wraps, they are all reusable beeswax food cover wraps out there and most often they are used to store leftover food or take food from home to school, work, the park, the beach, and wherever you may go. 

They let the food breathe naturally and act as a barrier to keep it fresh. You can find reusable beeswax food cover wraps and use them for your lunch box, or to seal containers with food and keep them for later, like a bowl of salad, for instance. You can put a beeswax wrap around, fruits and veggies (it works wonders on leftover avocado!), cheese and bread. Simply use your hands to put the wrap around the food and let the warmth of your fingers make the wrap grip tightly to the food or the container. 

Taking Proper Care of Your Beeswax Wraps 

taking care of beeswax wraps

Taking care of your beeswax food wraps is very easy. When the wraps are new, you may notice they leave some residue behind on your hands as you use them. It wears off pretty quickly, though you may need to wash your hands a couple of times. The extra coating of the beeswax wraps wears off over time, so you don’t have to worry about it much.

To keep your beeswax wraps properly, all you need to do is rinse them after every use. If you still see food sticking to the wrap, you can wash it with cold water to prevent the beeswax from melting and a little bit of gentle soap. Then let them dry naturally and once dried, you can use them again or store them in a drawer for later usage. 

Since beeswax wraps can’t be washed with hot water, it’s not recommendable to use them for storing fish or meat. Also, they are not suitable for oven or microwave usage. Their use is limited to cold and room temperature foods and dishes. Always display your wraps in the shade and keep them out of direct sunlight during warmer months. 

It’s good to know that beeswax wraps can melt sometimes, especially when they’re together in the package. Then they become stuck to one another and hard to pull apart. Multiple temperature changes can cause this, usually when the wraps are new and in the packaging. A white fil or spots can form on the surface of the beeswax wrap, but it’s completely harmless and it’s a solid indicator that the beeswax you purchased is 100% beeswax, not mixed with paraffin, palm, soy or other waxes. 

Once the beeswax wrap has been used for a while, the wax can start to lift off. But the good news is that the wraps are still usable and can be replenished with more beeswax. Most beeswax food wraps can last up to one year with proper care and regular use. Once the wrap starts to look a bit worn and stained, you may cut it in pieces and compost it or use it as a fire starter. 

Additional Benefits of Beeswax Food Wraps

Wrapped food with beeswax wraps

Well-Worth Investment

Apart from being a natural alternative to plastic wraps, reusable and compostable option for keeping your food fresh for longer and reducing waste, beeswax food wraps can save you money as well. Since they are long-lasting you won’t have to buy new wraps very often, so the initial investment will pay off in the long run.

Protect Wildlife

Plastic waste is a major problem for the planet and local wildlife. Finding a sustainable alternative to plastic is an excellent way to reduce household waste and prevent the local environment and wildlife. Switching from plastic to beeswax food wraps means one less plastic pollutant in the environment. 

Lastly, it’s important to take your time and look for a reliable supplier as more and more individuals realise the benefits of beeswax wraps and the increased demand, so there has been a rise in suppliers claiming to offer genuine products.