The Health Benefits of Gin

22 Jul 2020
Dana Grace

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of healthy lifestyle choices? My guess would be fruits and veggies for balanced nutrition, plenty of exercise, quality sleep, and relaxation. Well, what if I told you gin should be part of these choices?

I know, not exactly what one would expect when it comes to health but you’d be surprised to find out the various health benefits this drink brings about, so read along. But first… Let’s find out more about gin!

What Type of Alcohol Is Gin?

A type of flavoured spirit with about 40% of alcohol, it’s a distilled drink, produced in a process of fermentation and distillation of the base (e.g. wheat or barley). The base is then redistilled with various gin botanicals, predominantly juniper berries for flavour. This second step is what separates it from vodka, which has a neutral spirit as the basic ingredient same as gin.

Australian-style Gin

While you may have sipped on a variety of brands of this drink, you can’t deem yourself as a gin connoisseur until you try the unique taste of Aussie gin. Though there’s a wide range of distilleries from around the world and their types of gin you could try, you can’t say you’ve tried something of quality until you’ve added this one to your menu. Also going by the names “Aussie botanical Gin”, and the rather outdated “Bush Gin”, what makes it stand out from the rest is the fact the botanicals used to flavour it are native to the Land Down Under.

Some of the most common plants used in the production of Australian made gin are lemon myrtle, eucalyptus, finger limes, strawberry gum, bush tomato, pepperberry, Davidson’s plum, and wattleseed among others. This makes for a unique shift from the production of the traditional London Dry style with European botanicals.

Unlike years ago when vodka was preferred, it’s this focus on endemic plant flavours and aromas that add the special notes to local gins that led to the increase in gin consumption nationwide recently. What makes domestic the preferred choice nowadays is the fact it has more texture to it.

Not to mention, the quality of these gin specials started creating a challenge for the London gin trade in being the best on the market globally. Of course, the Australian distilling boom wouldn’t have been possible if not for the change in distillery laws in the country for the small stills not more than a decade ago, which inspired more brave people to try out their luck with gin production. New, unusual and inventive is what distillers are after!

Finally, What Are the Benefits?

If you’re thinking whether or not you should make Aussie gin part of your daily menu, here are some benefits to convince you why it’s actually a great idea – especially if unique and delicious is what you want in a drink! That is, as long as you pay attention to moderation and don’t drink more than a small glass per day.

It’s Low in Calories

Who would’ve thought a shot of gin can be good on one’s waist and help in staying fit? Unlike other carbohydrate-based drinks, gin is low in calories, and with just a small glass per day you’ll only ingest 97 calories.

It’s Refreshing

If you’re looking for something truly refreshing for those particularly hot days of the year, this is a perfect option thanks to the distinct herbal notes. This is why Australian craft gin is one of the most popular ingredients for cocktails.

It’s a Diuretic

Due to ingredients such as the juniper berries, Australian gin can be of help with fighting urinary tract infections as well as bloating. When you drink it, you can expect to have an increase in the trips to the bathroom, which is how gin prevents water retention and flushes out bacteria and toxins that cause infections.

Not surprisingly, these exact benefits are what makes gin also good with fighting kidney and liver disease. However, if alcohol is already causing you trouble with the liver, it might be better to stay away from gin.

It’s Good for the Skin

Given the natural herbal ingredients that are packed with antioxidants, this drink is even good for keeping your skin youthful and fresh as it assists with cell restoration.

It’s Good for the Blood Circulation

Okay, I know it might sound crazy but like I said before, as long as you drink in moderation, gin can add more years to your life. Considering some of the ingredients contain flavonoids, which is exactly the case with juniper, they’re beneficial for cardiovascular health and preventing issues such as atherosclerosis.

It’s Good for the Digestion

You may not be a fan of the bitter taste of gin, but this is exactly what makes it good for your digestive system. The bitter herbs trigger a mild increase in the stomach acid as well as the enzymes that break down the food.

It doesn’t come as a surprise knowing these benefits that gin was once used for medicinal purposes, particularly in the Middle Ages. Yes, it’s been around since then! Bottoms up!