Mail Trolley: A Functional Solution For a Wide Range of Needs Throughout the Office Environment

6 Sep 2017
Larry Ficks

Paperwork is something that a lot of businesses get swarmed with. It’s not something people look forward to, but due to the nature of the job, they have to do it. Often times, you’ll see desks filled with documents and files, that are chaotically disorganised. A lot of people don’t mind the chaos, because the files and documents won’t leave their desks for a while, or ever at all. However, if the nature of your business forces your employees to move tons of documents and files from one place to another, then you have a serious problem at hand.

Luckily, there is a solution for this problem, that is affordable and makes moving around documents, files and even mail convenient for everyone – the file or mail trolley. The mail trolley offers mail room and office support for every business setting that has to deal with them on a regular basis. These pieces of office equipment have features which offer massive help when it comes to organising letters, mail, documents or even packages.

Mail Trolleys

Trolleys are similar to shopping carts. They’re typically made of some kind of steel or metal, have a handle to be pushed around, feature one or multiple shelves (depending on the type), and have a load capacity of about 200kg. The most common types are the tub and wire. The tub style features a top-access design, with filing support which allows you to hang file folders. The wire trolley on the other hand features a metal or steel design with sturdy storage compartments or wire shelves.

The wheels on the trolley can vary. Generally, trolley wheels can be casters, locking casters, swivel casters and over-sized rear casters. Casters are covered with a hood to prevent things from getting trapped while the trolley is moving. Locking casters have brakes that prevent movement for safer access, storage and loading of the trolley. Swivel casters provide the ability for the trolley to rotate 360 degrees. And over-sized rear casters enhance the maneuverability of the trolley.

Moreover, the storage compartments can also vary depending on trolley model. Typically, there’s a fixed upper and lower shelf for massive storing, a sliding lid, locking file drawer and side pockets. The shelves are obviously used for storing items. The locking file drawer can be locked to prevent access to the documents in it, and a sliding lid acts as a tub-style storage compartment. And lastly, the side pockets allow storage room for a couple more documents or files.