Got a Tree? Count on the Services of Tree Doctors – the Professional Arborists

14 May 2018
Dana Grace

Trees have been the inspiration for many books, and quotes, time and time again, like the quote from one of the poems of Kahlil Gibran: “Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky”.

As the biggest plants on the planet, they provide us with oxygen while storing carbon, they protect the soil which helps with preventing erosion, they serve as material for construction, and paper and some of them provide us with fruits, helping wildlife at the same time.

In other words, trees are life, and having one in the garden is more than joyous, as it can add value to the home, knowing it has an impact on curb appeal, then there’s the fact they make for the perfect shades, and shields for privacy, as well as serving as the means to attract some wildlife in the yard.


Same as any other plant though, a tree requires some care, love, and protection, so when finding yourself in a situation of construction near the site of the tree, it’s advisable to get arboricultural impact assessment report from professional arborists, as it’s a report that can provide details on whether a tree is to be retained, or removed, and how a tree impacts the planned development.

Moreover, arborists, the so called tree doctors, with years of experience in tree health and issues, can give you the services of assessing how safe your tree is, based on ground assessments, invasive (with the help of a resistograph drill) and aerial inspections. Then again, it’s not just the arboricultural impact assessment report, there’s also an assessment on the risks a tree poses, including school risk, accompanied by preliminary tree reports.

The more you’ve had the tree, the more you are in need of soil tests, checking for potential diseases, decay testing, and if you don’t think you have the adequate skills to carry on with the maintenance, you can schedule the maintenance services whenever is most suitable to you.


Why take matters into your own hands, and expose yourself, others, and your property in danger pruning, and cutting, when you can consider it a valuable investment by hiring the tree experts, right?

Furthermore, they can give you the advice you need in showing the tree some adequate care and love, how to protect it from pests, and weeds, whether the watering and fertilising you do is suitable or not, so you can count on the tree shade and privacy years on end, and not worry about it disrupting future development plans.