Overseas Employment: 457 Visa Requirements

13 Jun 2017
Larry Ficks

Australia is the only land of opportunities. And this is no joke because there’s a big baby for a president in the White House, making ‘merica great again and ‘merica comes first and more blah blah blah! Never mind that, Australia has always been a great place to live and work in. Now, with the USA slowly closing itself on the world, Australian opportunities rise even more. Currently, there is a need for special skills for jobs that natives really don’t find that much appealing. So, if you are a person that has the required skills, then applying for the 457 visa is the way to go if you want to move your dream move truly.

What is the 457 Visa?

The 457 visa is the most sought after visa from all the working visas. The 457 visa requirements include three stages.

1. The first one requires from the employer to have all documentation ready as to prove they are legit company which is on the look for skilled workers.

2. In the second stage the business sponsors identify the position that needs to be filled by an overseas skilled worker and whether it meets the designated criteria such as passing the labor market testing, prove that the current position offers the same rights as local worker would have and the salary is above $53,900.

3. The last one is the visa application which allows the applicant also to include their family. If you are a local Australian business or an outside business and you want to sponsor foreign workers, you must comply with the 457 visa requirements as listed below.

  • Your business must be a lawfully operating establishment inside or outside Australia

  • You must meet the required training benchmarks

  • You specify the number of position that you need

  • There shouldn’t be any negative information about you or the person who is getting hired by the Australian Department

  • If you have been a previous sponsor for visa, you should have fulfilled any tasks that you made in the meeting with the Australian Department of your employees

  • You have proven record that you are committed to employing local labour.

From the employer, it is required to fulfil certain obligations that are there to ensure the future worker will not be exploited. Also, these obligations are created to correspond with the 457 program. The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection has assigned a team that will monitor all affairs between the employer and the worker. Over time, they will undertake random and targeted audits by requesting documentation or visiting in person. It is very important to business owners to understand their obligation before hiring any foreign workers. If the sponsor fails their obligations, the team will be faced with heavy sanctions.