Buying a Letterbox? Here Is What to Look For

19 May 2020
Larry Ficks

If you are a new homeowner, your focus is probably more centred around your home’s interior decor, which means you may not be paying your home’s exterior the attention it needs and deserves. Case in point? Letterboxes. These pieces play an important role in your home’s outdoor decor as they embody your sense of style and reflect your home’s overall aesthetic. If you are looking to update your letterbox, here is everything you need to know about finding the right mailbox for your home.

Get it Custom Made

Opting for a custom letterbox is a good idea because it can be built to suit your surrounding environment. For example, if you choose a timber custom mailbox, you can choose the wood panel to be delivered raw so you can paint, stain or oil it to match your home. You can also choose the finish of the wood. The design can incorporate your house number and any other special requirement can be discussed with the vendor.

Secure Locking

Stolen mail is one of the main causes of identity theft. Identity thieves often look for unlocked mailboxes to steal bank or utility bill and search for other valuable personal information. Unfortunately, the majority of mailboxes available on the market can be easily opened by hand or with a simple screwdriver in a matter of seconds. With that said, buying a mailbox with a locking system is your first line of defence in reducing the risk of having your identity stolen. A custom letterbox can be also be designed to offer the highest level of security.

While there is no way to make a mailbox 100% theft-proof while still in compliance with the mail regulations, custom mailboxes can get extremely close to that and help keep your mail safe in a unique way. With secure locking mailboxes, deliveries are generally captured via a slot or a bin that is nearly impossible to pry or fish. Your mail can then only be accessed by using one of the specially cut keys via a secure patented anty-pry latch locking door. All of these security features prevent any common criminal from making a quick buck off of your good name.

Weather Resistant

You will want your investment to stand the test of time as well as a variety of weather conditions. A mailbox that rusts easily will have weak structural stability, which will eventually lead to the destruction of your mail. Accoya wood is a good material to have in your letterbox. It always outperforms tropical hardwoods and treated timbers, which makes it the ideal eco-friendly choice for the harsh Australian climate. Coated aluminium is another option that ensures longevity and durability.

Mount Type

There are a lot of different variabilities in that subject, depending on what kind of delivery service you receive, your type of residence, and how much mail you usually get. If you live in an urban area with walk-up mail delivery, a wall-mounted mailbox may be the right option of you. This type of mailbox can be attached directly to the wall of a residence and can typically hold about 2 to 3 days of mail. If you live in a suburban or rural area that has drive-up delivery, or already have a curbside mailbox in your residence, free-standing post-mounted letterboxes are typically installed alongside a curb or at the end of a driveway. Make sure the letterbox you choose meets the mail delivery service of your area. There are also column-mounted mailboxes. These are typically custom-built for a particular home and offer homeowners unique style options.

Size of the Box

Besides the type of letterbox, you will also need to consider the type and quantity of mail you typically receive. For example, if you generally get an average volume of mail, a small to medium-sized mailbox may be ideal for you. However, if you frequently receive high volumes of mail or large packages, you may want to go for a larger mailbox that offers a greater storage capacity. Make sure you count everyone who receives mail at your location when considering the various product choices.

Superior Quality Components

When buying your letterbox, accept no substitutions or imitations. Quality mailboxes ensure their strength and security by utilizing high-quality and original components. You will find a range of cheap mailboxes on the market but always remember – you get what you pay for. Look for mailboxes that use only top of the line, high-quality components to keep your mail safe and ensure your peace of mind.

Before choosing your letterbox, make sure you comply with your neighbourhood’s restrictions and mail regulations. Contact your local postmaster before installing a mailbox in a new location to ensure that it is located and installed properly.