Small Outdoor Area: How to Make the Most of It

24 Mar 2020
Dana Grace

Now that cities are expanding at the expense of rural areas more than ever, and the majority of people live in apartments, homeowners have turned to their balconies in an attemp to make up for the lack of outdoor space. However, not everyone is blessed with a big enough balcony, so in order to make the most of the space you have at your disposal, you’d need to implement a few simple tips.

modern chair for balcony

Source: Black Mango

Stick to Sleek

If you don’t have ample balcony space, scratch bulky outside furniture designs and go for modern and elegant chairs that are stackable and feature a compact and sleek outline. With this type of space saving outside furniture pieces, a half table would fit in nicely as they are also seamless and petite. Also, make sure that the chairs are powder coated as to help block the onset of rust. Chairs like this are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They are also the perfect in-between for those of you who want to reap the benefits of economic modern design, without missing out on vintage charm.

Benches with hidden storage compartments and ottomans are other great seating options for small spaces. Also, you can keep one or two teak folding chairs to add one or two more spots to sit if you have guests over. And in case you’re up for taking naps on your balcony, consider the addition of a hammock. So, who says you can’t dine read or unwind al fresco on a small apartment balcony?

Note: If both your apartment and balcony are small, chances are you do not have room to store your outside furniture during colder months. In light of that, make it a priority to always choose quality, long-lasting and low-maintenance pieces that can stay outdise all year round.

modern balcony in beige

Source: Unsplash

Use Visual Tricks

You can make your outdoor area seem bigger than it is simply by extending the flow of your indoor setting with the help of colours. If the room right next to the balcony is in beige, then make sure you make beige the main colour of your balcony too, by painting the walls or using it as the main colour for your outdoor furniture. This, however, doesn’t mean you should refrain from creating contrast – just make sure it doesn’t interfere with the indoor-outdoor connection.

Another way to acheive the same effect is through repetition – get outdoor decorative elements that are similar to the ones you have indoors. One easy way to do this while enhancing your outdoor comfort is to add cushions – just like those you already have on the sofa inside.

Indulge Your Green Thumb

No matter how small your outdoor space, there’s always room for plants, especially since you can place pots and planters that on the rails or hanged on hang them on the wall – if you want to avoid using up floor space, that is. Needless to say, potted plants can serve a great purpose for enhancing the aesthetic appeal, but you can go beyond that by choosing to grow your own fresh produce in the form of herbs, fruits and veggies now that urban gardening has become sych a widespread trend.

urban gardening

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There’s no doubt that the lighting you choose has a huge say regarding the atmosphere you’ll create – how cosy and intimate it would be, for instance.

While there are all sorts of lights and lighting fixtures, if you’re up for a solution that wouldn’t break your bank, you can opt for battery-operated lights or even better, solar lights that you might be able to place on some of your planters. If you want to follow the latest trends, add globe string lights as to acheive that lovely festive touch For the romantic souls out there, you can always turn to candles!

These are just some ideas you can use as basic guidelines – you’ll surely come up with some of your own as soon as you start adapting your balcony for your specific needs.