Women’s Walking Sandals: Stylish and Comfortable Footwear for Every Day Use

20 Oct 2020
Dana Grace

As the weather warms up, it’s time to swap your walking shoes for lightweight and breathable walking sandals that will keep your feet cool and comfy throughout the summer months. There is a plethora of womens walking sandals available on the market, so it may be a bit challenging to find a pair of sandals that look good and can keep up with your busy lifestyle. Walking sandals offer plenty of technical support, giving the feet more freedom and ventilation, perfect for less intense walking, lightweight and convenient to cram into luggage. If you’re in the search of a new pair, here are some factors worth considering before making a purchase.


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Think about what you plan to use your sandals for. If you need a pair that you can wear in the water, pick sandals that are water resistant and come with a good amount of grip. If you need sandals for walking across slippery terrain, choose rubber soles with deep lugs, and if you’re planning to hike, opt for a closed-toe option to ensure better protection.


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Good quality walking sandals feature thick soles to protect your feet and a slight heel that helps keep your spine straight. Some ladies walking sandals are specially designed with a well-moulded sole to give your ankles and feet the needed support to govern uneven terrain and hours of walking.

Style and Durability

The most important factors for buying womens sandals for everyday use are comfort and durability. But modern designs are made with style in mind, and they’re great to walk the streets or trek distances on your daily commute, looking all chic and comfy with every step you take.

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Some of the basic types you’ll come across are leather walking sandals, walking sandals with heels, thong sandals (also known as flip-flops), trekking sandals, and more. Comfortable womens walking sandals will help you through long walking hours in the summer heat while completing your regular daily activities or when travelling. Walking sandals are the best choice for uphill climbs and walking tours as they prevent blisters and provide solid support.

More Features to Consider

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Weight – If you’re buying your womens walking sandals for travel, every little bit of additional weight in your backpack counts. But if you need the foot support, make peace with the extra weight and enjoy your travels.

Versatility – Your walking sandals won’t be the best choice if dressing up for a special occasion, but they can be a great fit for a more casual dinner or a night out with friends. Versatility is important, and you could wear a stylish pair of ladies walking sandals for both, daily walking and dining in the evening.

Sturdiness – High quality walking sandals can last for years if you take proper care of them. You can wear them every day, for many miles, on various terrain, they can get wet and muddy, and will still serve your walking needs. All you need to do is make sure to clean and dry them regularly and store them properly.

Washable – Read the manufacturers instruction and make sure to follow them accordingly. Depending on the material they’re made of, some are not supposed to be exposed to direct sunlight for many hours and dry slowly. The cleaning is usually simple and easy, you’ll just need to wipe them with a damp cloth, with no need of water or any solvents.

Rubs and Bumps – Depending on the shape of your feet, look for the slightest bump or seam that might rub your feet and lead to blisters in a short time. Leather and suede walking sandals are most recommendable for your everyday activities and for travelling, too.

Stickiness – Soles should grip the ground properly even if it’s wet, so your feet will not slide around the insole when sweaty after a long walk. The main characteristics to look for in women sandals are non-slip on wet surfaces and non-slip insole.

Adjustable – If you’re experiencing problems with your feet or have any feet condition, look for sandals that can be customised a bit, so you can maintain a certain control over your feet. Most walking sandals have all sorts of adjustment features, such as straps over your toes, slingback behind the heel, toe guard and more.

Fit – Always read the sizing carefully, and go for the perfect fit. If the sandals are too large, most likely you’ll blister, and end up with an unwearable pair.

Padding – Padded straps are important, and the more straps the better support. Quality brands of good walking sandals for women take this in consideration, offering additional smoothness and comfort.

Odour – To prevent bacteria growth and odour, some designs featured washable polyester webbing upper specially covered to provide natural odour control.

How to Wear Walking Sandals

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Your pair of walking sandals can fit easily in any casual, non-formal dress code. For a perfect match, always bear in mind the colour and make sure it goes perfectly well the colour of your outfit. When it comes to dresses, a pair of walking sandals can show off a maxi dress beautifully. As they’re lightweight, you can easily pack them in your purse for a quick change of outfit when needed. And finally, the big question pops up: to sock or not to sock? Sandals with socks are usually seen as a faux pas, but if you choose to wear socks with your sandals due to hygiene or foot health reasons, it’s not a fashion disaster as health always comes first. Also, it depends a lot on which part of the world you’re in, as in some countries it’s not an unusual thing to see.