Your Guide to Finding the Right Condom Size

29 Jul 2020
Larry Ficks

I don’t think I’ve ever met a man who was fond of using condoms. They all say condoms take away from the pleasure of skin to skin contact during sex and can ruin a heated moment when you have to get up from the bed to put it on. However, there’s no denying that they are the best way to protect yourself and your partner from potential STDs. What I’ve learned through the years is that condoms aren’t necessarily that bad, as long as you get the right size and fit. Everyone always talks about the importance of using condoms, but nobody tells you how to choose the right one.

Standard fit condoms fit only about 50% of men, which leaves the other 50% with a rubber that’s too small or too big. This leaves them thinking that all condoms are too tight or too loose.

Some of the most popular regular fit condoms Australia retail and online stores sell are Durex Avanti Bare, Skyn Original, Lelo Hex and One Pleasure Plus condoms. Durex is a stalwart condom, and its latex-free line is ubiquitous. Skyn Original condoms are also latex-free, and they use materials that feel as natural as possible. Lelo Hex condoms are designed by a luxury sex toy company, and they’re as high-tech as rubbers can get. Lastly, One Pleasure Plus condoms feature a unique tip design and sit right at the middle of the size range.

Besides size, condoms are really only talked about when it comes to safer sex. They’ve been around for over 10.000 years and are still the best way to protect ourselves from STDs and unwanted pregnancy. However, the use of condoms Australia wide has been on the decline as a result of insufficient sex education and the thought that they sacrifice pleasure. But the right condom can change your entire sexual experience by allowing both participants to focus less on the condom and more on the action. Having said that, here are a few things that you should consider before buying your next condom.

Firstly, you should measure yourself. And when it comes to measuring for the right fit, girth is more important than length. There’s a funny, but simple way to do this – the toiler paper roll test. Take a roll of toilet paper and slide it around your erect penis. if there’s extra space, you’ll need a slimmer fit. If it fits just about right, standard size should be a safe bet. If it’s too tight, then you’ll need a larger size. And while everyone wants to be a magnum size, it’s best you leave your ego out of the equation. Not only is a proper fit important for it to work properly, but it’s also important for feeling better for everyone involved.

Once you’ve found your ideal size, you shouldn’t just go with the first box you come across. There are a few more different variables that you need to consider. Some condoms are flavoured, coloured, textured, warming and believe it or not, glow in the dark. Besides these fun perks, there are some factors that affect how the condom feels and fits. The shape of the condom can be different, the lube, the way the latex is processed, etc. That being said, it’s important to do some testing before you commit. Start off by buying a sample pack in which you get a few different condoms in your size.

There are some companies, such as ONE that sell a measuring kit to help you find the best fit, and they provide about 60 sizes to choose from. That being said, do the measuring, test some condoms out, see what works best for you and then get a full pack of your favourite brand.



Lastly, consider your partner’s preferences. Since sex is for both participants, try having a conversation about what works best for BOTH of you. Sometimes, the condom you choose will be great for you, but it won’t be ideal for your partner. While this obviously isn’t something you’d be able to do with a first-time partner, it can go a long way when you’re having sex with a recurring one. Vaginas are very sensitive and can easily get thrown out of whack. Your partner may experience condom-induced irritation, in which case you should look for a vegan condom or a condom that’s had its latex softened by casein.

Glyde condoms are the only certified vegan brand, and women who have experienced irritation from conventional condoms report that they’re less irritated by Glyde condoms. This is due to the quality of the ingredients used in the manufacturing process. There are other natural variations available as well, but most of them don’t carry as many sizes as Glyde do.