Why You Should Invest In Experiences And Not In Things

15 Mar 2017
Dana Grace

Today’s modern society has turned us into true puppets of consumerism and that slowly but surely kills life’s innate thrills. When having things becomes more important than experiencing things, Houston, we have a problem…

Initially, new things are fun and exciting, but when it comes to material possessions, the satisfying feeling quickly fades away. There’s little room for doubt that this is not the everlasting philosophy of consumerism and materialism. Even those who have it all confirm, after a day or two, the new is no longer new. However, money have yet another purpose, one that can have quite a positive effect on one if spent right. Yes, I am talking about investing in new experiences. Going new places, meeting like-minded people is what helps us expand both mentally and spiritually. Material goods cannot compare to the wonders of new experiences. As the saying goes – We are the total sum of our experiences.

In order to illustrate this more clearly, just imagine how short the joy of buying a new phone is compare to the bliss you feel every time you reminisce ad tell people about the last interesting place you visited. The invitation to start living a simpler, yet richer life is upon us, we just need to answer it’s call.

If you happen to agree with the aforementioned, then you should act on it to! We may not be able to change the world, but we can surely take control over how and when our next dollar shall be spent. So instead of obsessing over renovating or buying tons of new clothes you may not even wear (you just buy them cause they’re on sale) why not choose to save up some money and go somewhere sunny… And since travel alone is never enough for having an all-senses included experience, the suggestion (read challenge) in this post is to try something really exciting, such as scuba diving.

There are many reasons why scuba diving embodies everything necessary for an adventurous and enlightening experience. However, prior to becoming one with the sea, you must get your hands on the right equipment and buy scuba gear online or from a local store. And remember, when you buy scuba gear online as opposed to buying just a few new items for your home, in the first place you one step closer to feeding your soul, whereas in the latter, not so much.