The Importance of Letting Your Child Experience The Outdoors

21 Feb 2017
Dana Grace

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In the world of today, many parents are much too concerned about keeping their children safe from harm’s way in all possible ways, forgetting that kids need new experiences to develop certain skills they will need for a lifetime of resilience. Rather than strict protection from everything that’s going on outside, children need a dose of the “risk” factor in their lives that will teach them lessons of responsibility and will provide them with experience in coping with fear.

It’s been psychologically proven that children who are pushed slightly beyond their comfort zone and are given opportunities to fail in ways that won’t have negative consequences to their self-esteem, do much better in life. This is why, according to many children psychologists, parents should let their little ones observe and enjoy the great outdoors. This way, they will face new opportunities, meet new people and will get a big picture of the world. Here are some ideas on how to help your kid level up.

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Find Balance

If you’re too afraid to let your child ride a bike just yet, freestyle scooters are the better alternative. While riding freestyle scooters children use their legs and arms to achieve proper coordination which will help them build muscle strength. Another advantage of freestyle scooters is the amount of self confidence they will gain as they scoot and learn how to balance themselves.

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Explore Nature

Children are all about exploring. Give them a chance to explore nature to help them develop a stronger bond with mother Earth and an unconditional love and empathy towards the world they live in. Becoming one with nature from an early age will do only good for their well being as this will certainly help them become more aware of the world that’s surrounding them and will help them care more about preserving our planet. Show them the beauty of gardening, teach them why trees and flowers are so important and let them wonder where do mountains, oceans and clouds come from.

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The Beauty of Sports

Children can acquire the habit of being physically active from a very early age. If you let your kids watch TV or play video games on the PC all day long, they may face problems with obesity in the future, which can lead to other, more serious health problems. Plus, this will make your little ones less socially interactive and will hinder their development. So if you want to introduce your children to new hobbies, make sure at least one of these includes sports so that it helps them grow into healthy, strong and happy individuals.