Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day – Fishing Can’t be Learned Right Away

21 Mar 2017
Larry Ficks

Some call it a sport, some call it a hobby, and some call it a waste of time. Fishing is an activity surrounded by many stereotypes which is often the case when it comes to relatively niche activities. Some of the more “popular” preconceptions about fishing are, of course, that it is boring, you never catch anything and all you do is stare at water with a stick in your hand, only old people go fishing, it’s just an excuse to get away from your wife and get drunk, and so on. The truth is, you can say stuff like that for just about any sport or hobby. You could say that football is just a bunch of sweaty dudes chasing a ball, video games is just mindlessly mashing buttons in your parents basement, gardening is just playing with dirt. You get the idea.

However, once you give fishing a try for yourself, I am sure you will at least understand why so many people enjoy it and learn to appreciate it. But, how do you get into a sport if you have no with it whatsoever. If you are lucky enough to have some friends or family who are into fishing, just by spending time with them on a few fishing trips is enough to acquire some basic skill. In fact, this is probably the best way to learn how to fish – spend time out on the water with someone close to you who has the patience to pass as much information as possible.

Probably the next best thing to having a close person teach you how to fish, is by watching a bunch of fishing videos. Gearing up is actually the easy part. You can start with some basic equipment and upgrade it as you go along. Learning to use the gear properly is the tricky part, and this is where fishing videos can be of great help.

Although, you can easily find a ton of content on the subject on YouTube, a small percent of that is actually useful. As you we all know, everyone is a vlogger nowadays. Everyone wants a piece of that sweet YouTube cash and people would do anything to get views. The result is a large quantity of low quality content with click bait titles. If you really want to learn about fishing I would recommend going to sites that are dedicated to the sport and have in-depth fishing tutorials, tips, and even bloopers. Some of them work together with reputable fishing gear manufacturers to provide the best learning experience. Yes, some of these sites often have a subscription fee, but I would rather pay a couple of bucks than waste my time on a twenty minute video and learn nothing in the end.