What You Need to Know Before Buying Towing Mirrors

17 Jun 2019
Larry Ficks

If you intend on going caravanning with your Ford Territory, a pair of towing mirrors that will provide you with an unobstructed line of view of your sides and rear is essential. If you can’t see the whole length of your caravan or trailer, you’re running the risk of becoming a road hazard, and you’ll be subjected to fines. That being said, it’s not a matter of whether you need towing mirrors or not, but rather what type will work best for you and make you safe and compliant on the road. You can find a wide range of towing mirrors in Ford Territory accessories stores that have different features. But before we discuss that, let’s first take a look at the different types and how they differ in design and functionality.

When shopping for towing mirrors in a Ford Territory accessories store, you’ll find small convex towing mirrors that can be easily attached to the surface of your existing ones using a built-in adhesive tape that the towing mirrors come with. Convex towing mirrors don’t require extensive work to be installed and are quite affordable. Alternatively, you can buy slip-on towing mirrors, which are specialty items designed specifically for your make, model and year of Territory. These are also easily slipped onto the existing mirrors and act as extensions. Similarly, slip-on towing mirrors are easy to install but are more expensive when compared to convex towing ones.

However, worth noting is that besides the model, make, brand and year specific slip-on towing mirrors, you can also find universal models that can fit almost any type of vehicle. Universal towing mirrors are fitted using straps and clamps, and while this is also a hassle-free solution, these mirrors probably won’t look great on your car. Furthermore, these towing mirrors can increase drag and they can even damage your Territory’s body if they aren’t installed properly. Lastly, you can get permanent towing mirrors, which are the ideal solution for people who haul trailers and caravans on a daily basis.

Regardless of what type of mirrors you go for, you’ll find models that come with different features. For example, some mirrors come with an integrated LED lighting system which is wired to the brake lights and turn signals of your Ford Territory. This feature can help improve safety when braking and turning. Some mirrors come with a telescopic design, which enlarges your view for better vision. And lastly, there are heated mirrors, which are great for towing in colder areas where ice and snow can make the towing mirrors hazy.