Here’s Why Fitting an Aftermarket Colorado Ra Rodeo Exhaust Is a Good Idea

29 Jul 2019
Larry Ficks

Keeping the environment and the air we breathe clean is of the essence, taking into account the great level of pollution and all the negative impact it has on our health. Because of that, factory and vehicle owners are obliged to have systems which will reduce the number of emissions contaminating the air. While factory owners don’t have a restricted workflow with that kind of system in place, car owners do since the stock exhaust system seen in most vehicles, including the Holden Rodeo, despite being eco-friendly it is also very restrictive. But there is a solution which offers a lot more than a stock system – the aftermarket exhaust. Let’s take a look at why Ra Rodeo enthusiasts love it.

rodeo exhaust

Improved Fuel Economy

The restrictiveness of stock exhausts makes the engine work harder, and because of that, more fuel is used in order for it to be quiet and eco-friendly. But that is not the case when it comes to an aftermarket Ra Rodeo exhaust since the pipes are mandrel-bent by default. This means that the curves of the piping are smooth rather than having wrinkles and they have a more continuous pathway than their crush-bent counterparts.


The sound of the vehicle is greatly reduced by an OEM fitted exhaust and when it comes to the Holden Rodeo – this is unacceptable. Your vehicle doesn’t need to sound like a mean sports car but you can always have a more serious growl with an aftermarket Ra Rodeo exhaust. I know this is more of a personal choice but it’s good to have such an option at hand.

Better Power & Torque

Since aftermarket exhausts come with larger diameter piping, the airflow is improved greatly which increases the number of horsepower and torque level. This is because the faster the exhaust gasses run through, the more air your engine can use. This results in faster workaround adding to the performance of the engine, or in other words, more horsepower. The same goes for vehicle torque, as this way fuel burns easier – so more power is available way faster.

ra rodeo exhaust

Cooler Operating Temperature

Again, thanks to the larger diameter and mandrel bent piping, the gasses are able to escape more easily which lowers the temperature not only in the exhaust system but also in the engine. Since the gasses are spending less time in the exhaust, the engine will intake cooler air quicker. This results in heat reduction, which also prevents engine overheating especially in the hot summer days.