A Basic Guide to Buying a Bonnet Protector for Your HiLux

22 May 2019
Larry Ficks

If you’re sick and tired of having to wash your HiLux every couple of days because your windshield is always splattered with bugs and mud, then you should probably consider investing in a bonnet protector. Bonnet protectors, also known as bug deflectors are affordable, yet invaluable aftermarket accessories that protect your vehicle’s bonnet and windshield from upcoming airborne debris and bugs.

A bonnet protector is specifically designed to redirect airstream up and above your vehicle instead of allowing it to strike against your hood or windshield. And while no bonnet protector is capable of stopping everything that comes your way, having one is still better than not having one at all. As briefly aforementioned, some of the benefits of a bonnet protector HiLux and all other vehicles can benefit from include less windshield and bonnet damage from road debris, reduced cleaning time, better visibility and fewer paint chips.

bonnet protector hilux

You can easily find a bonnet protector HiLux year, model and make specific online or at Toyota dealerships. Most bonnet protectors are made of either metal or tough acrylic. In the past, plastic was the most commonly used material for manufacturing bonnet protectors, but plastic took away from the overall appearance of the vehicle and wasn’t all that effective. Nowadays, you’ll come across form-fitted acrylic and metal bonnet protectors that not only look great and match the curvature of the hood but also do a better job at keeping your HiLux’ aerodynamics intact.

Metal bonnet protectors are usually made of stainless steel, and they’re incredibly tough. A quality metal bonnet protector will likely last the life of your HiLux. Acrylic bonnet protectors are also quite impact-resistant, and they usually come in a dark tint finish. Both types are car wash safe and are easy to clean and wax. With that said, picking a bonnet protector will usually come down to personal preference since most models are designed in a similar shape and work the same way.

The main difference between them is in how they look, with acrylic bonnet protectors giving your HiLux a more stylish and sleek look, whereas stainless steel models will providing you with an extra flair or flash. Regardless of your preference, make sure the bonnet protector you pick comes with a warranty. A warranty allows you to shop with a peace of mind knowing that the manufacturer fully stands behind their product and that you can ask for assistance in case you need it.