Skiing with Kids: The Essential Gear for Endless Fun

26 Jun 2019
Larry Ficks

Although nothing can beat summertime fun, children also love the winter, especially when there’s snow involved and they can build a snowman and make snow angels. While it’s true that there are various snow activities¬†prior to all that, parents should stock their kids with the essential pieces of clothing and equipment.

Snowball Maker

This type of kid snow gear is a real blessing, especially for parents who have more than one kid. By using a snowball maker, families can avoid the constant arguing between kids about whose snowball is bigger or better shaped (chuckles). The snowball maker resembles an ice cream scoop and its main purpose is to help kids make a pile of perfect snowballs. Usually made out of durable plastic, this type of kid snow gear is easy to hold even for the tiniest children hands. Except for the endless fun it offers for both kids and adults, this type of kids winter toy can keep children’s mittens and gloves drier for a longer period of time.


Long Underwear & Socks

When the weather is extremely cold outside, the one thing every parent should do is to keep their children warm and cosy. The ideal way to keep them warm underneath the snowsuit is to have them wear long wool underwear as wool is more effective in wicking moisture away from the skin while keeping the body warm. Cotton should be put on the blacklist in these occasions because when wet, cotton tends to keep the body cold and wet (because of its poor moisture-wicking properties).

Snow Clothing

When it comes to choosing kids snow clothing, parents can choose between a one-piece snowsuit or snow pants and a jacket. Regardless of the chosen type of snow clothing, ski specialists recommend choosing ones that are insulated. That way, there is no need for adding extra layers of clothes underneath to keep children warm.

Tip: It is recommended to choose jackets with powder skirt (elasticated material sewn around the inside of a jacket) as it prevents snow from getting in.


Snow Gloves/Mittens

For smaller children, waterproof mittens are the ideal option because it’s quite difficult to get their fingers into gloves. Plus, ski specialists say that somehow mittens tend to keep hands warmer. Since playing in the snow can be messy, choosing high up the arm mittens is recommended in order to prevent snow from getting in.

Tip: Fleece-lined gloves/mittens can add extra warmth.


Whether in snow pants/snowsuit, investing in waterproof snow boots with a drawstring top is a must. That way, your kids’ ankles and feet will stay warm, cosy and ready to spend lots of hours playing in the snow.


Last but not least, when it comes to choosing a winter snow hat, sticking to the knit acrylic or wool hat is essential for keeping your kids’ heads warm. In fact, wearing a hat is a must as this can prevent cold-weather illness.