Cycling: Upgrade Your Performance by Upgrading the Wheels

8 May 2019
Dana Grace

Cycling is one of the health trends that are always in style and it’s not difficult to see why: it’s fun, it allows you to have a change of scenery so you can stay fit riding in the city or the terrains of nature, and moreover it’s affordable and not at the expense of the environment.
Though there are many riding styles and bikes available nowadays, one of the toughest yet at the same time lightweight bikes is the road one. It also happens to be one of the fastest thanks to its design, the components, the frame and specifically the wheels.


Since a great deal of the performance depends on its wheels primarily, you’d be able to significantly improve it, the speed and quality of the ride included, by upgrading the road bicycle wheels, more so if you’re taking cycling seriously and in the case of a bike that cost you less than $4000.

Fact is there are many wheels to choose from, ideal for every budget and requirements, and they change along with the change of technology, constantly improving, so if you want to get the best of looks, aerodynamics or weight for your bike and ride, all it takes is changing the wheels to feel the difference.

Of course there are additional benefits to upgrading the road bicycle wheels, one of them being the ideal way to avoid purchasing a new bike as you’d spend much less and get much more, and the other improving as a cyclist while at the same time spending less effort pedalling to gain speed or to climb as there’s instant upgrade in the acceleration.


Going into aerodynamics and weight change deeper, the latest road wheels you can find help improve your ride because they have a reduction in the rotational mass that stems from the material used (carbon fibre and titanium as opposed to alloy with production wheels) and deep section rims, two aspects that result in needing less effort to ride.

Apart from these properties, it’s advisable to think of the hubs and rims too because they have a say in the quality of the wheelset which is connected to strength and durability.

Additionally, don’t forget to take your riding style into account which would determine your choice from the three suitable tires, clinchers, tubular and tubeless, the first being ideal for the road while the second for racing and third for mountain terrains respectively.

As for the brands, it all comes down to how much you’re willing to spend.