Important Factors to Consider When Shopping for Camouflage Clothes

11 Jul 2019
Larry Ficks

Camo gear can be essential to the success of your hunt, which is why most hunters are dressed in a camouflaged pattern from head to toe. If you’re new to hunting and are looking to buy men camo jackets and pants, there are a couple of important factors you need to consider. Buying camo gear requires more consideration than buying the first one you come across, or the most expensive/cheap one, or the “best-looking” one.

Camo gear is made from different materials and comes in different patterns. That being said, depending on when and where you hunt, your choice will vary. Luckily, you’ll find countless online stores that sell men camo jackets and pants, so you’re bound to find items that fit your specific needs and budget.

The first thing you need to consider is the material and its quality. The material represents the foundation of the jackets and pants and if it is bad, then all other properties will be affected as well. When looking at a specific piece of clothing, read the reviews left by people who have bought the piece and their experience with wearing it. There are jackets and pants made of lighter materials which perform better in warm climates, but there are also jackets and pants that have high insulation properties for hunting in colder climates.

men camo jacket

However, regardless of the climate you’re hunting in, you want the jacket and pants to protect you from all weather conditions. Weather reports aren’t always reliable, especially nowadays when it can get from sunny to pouring rain in a matter of hours. Look for clothing that’s breathable, yet waterproof. There’s nothing worse than being completely soaked just as you get started. Additionally, look for jackets and pants that are windproof.

Furthermore, as far as camouflage patterns go, the right one for your clothing will depend on the environment in which you intend to hunt in the most. However, the type of prey you’ll be hunting will also play a role. The most important thing the camouflage pattern should do is break up your silhouette with the environment so you can blend in better. And if you’re hunting deer, you’ll want a green/orange or green/red pattern, as they’re unable to distinguish these colours from the greenery.

Lastly, you want a camo jacket and pants with features such as storage options, an adjustable hoody, durable zippers, etc. Look for zippers and straps that are silent, and avoid wearing pants and jackets that have velcro straps, as they can be quite noisy.