Scooter Rides: Improve Your Experience with Quality Handle Grips

17 Mar 2021
Larry Ficks

When thinking of the ideal means of commuting and making one’s way through the traffic efficiently when running errands, not many have scooters in mind – and they should. You don’t have to be a fan of scooters to see why they’re such a great idea.

Reasons in Favour of Scooters

Let’s start with the fact they’re pretty compact, lightweight and foldable, and you won’t have to worry about wasting any of your precious time in trying to find a parking slot when you’re out and about. Easy to carry under your arm, they also won’t trouble you much when it comes to storage at home, at work, or even on a plane.

Now, in terms of the ride itself, besides getting you from point A to point B, they’re going to come in handy with your fitness and health goals. They’re especially handy if you have a busy lifestyle and you can’t find the time to go hard even while staying at home.


Yes, commuting with a scooter every day can help you lost weight, get fit and tone some muscles. Besides avoiding serious health conditions, like anxiety and stress which lead to depression, cancer, high blood pressure, and diabetes, it would assist you with training the glutes, front quads, back and back hamstring.

Once you become comfortable with your riding skills, don’t be surprised if you get the urge to invest in a pro scooter that would allow you to have fun performing various tricks.

Handle Grips as the Essential Elements for an Enjoyable Ride

Handle Grips ON BIKE

To make the most of the riding experience, it’s necessary to choose the scooter carefully, minding not only its style but features too, down to details like the grips. Same as when riding a BMX, they can truly make or break your rides because after all, they’re the main connection between you and the scooter.

Moreover, they’re also crucial for bar control and your safety when on the road so be sure to pick high quality scooter handle grips whenever replacing or upgrading. As they’re available in a variety of designs, materials (e.g. rubber and foam) and colours, besides your personal taste regarding the style, you should pick them based on the ergonomics and grip they offer you.

Softness is yet another property you’d have to look into, having in mind extra soft wear down quicker than the rest. Don’t forget to include your riding style into the consideration as well given that the models that work well with commuting and recreational purposes won’t be that great with stunt rides which require a firmer grip for all the tricks and turns.

Quality Handle Grips

How often you ride also has a say in the decision due to the fact grips are always in contact with your hands whenever you’re riding, and the more you ride, the more they’d wear down. Watch out for signs like sore hands, blisters and slippery palms, as they indicate it’s high time you had the scooter grips replaced.

Lastly, when shopping for the ideal pair of handle grips, be sure to look into the price and the brand if you care about quality and durability. ODI, Fuzion, Envy, Root Industries and Kutrick are some of the best brands on the market, known for their soft, comfortable, compatible and safe-to-use designs which are easy to install. Not to mention, they’re also suitable not only for scooters but bikes too.

Installing the Scooter Handle Grips

The pre-installed grips that come with your brand new scooter may look awesome but they often lack the quality you need for a comfortable and safe ride. That’s why it’s recommended to get your own special pair of scooter handle grips.

Installing the Scooter Handle Grips

Still, as it’s not something that you’d be doing often, more so if you get durable grips that offer utmost control, it can be somewhat tricky to carry on with the installation. The easiest way is to get rid of the old grips by cutting them out with a knife or scissors, but it’s not the best solution if you plan on using them again at one point or another.

If this is the case with you, then you can count on an affordable solution that you have in your bathroom at home among other toiletries and accessories – you guessed it, it’s hairspray. Many have been resorting to it for years and that’s because it’s perfect as a lubricator. Just spray the bar underneath the grip, and it will slide off easily.

It’s also a much better solution than glue which tends to get the grips for scooter stuck, and even damages them. Once you’ve successfully removed the old grips, spray the bars again with the hairspray and place the new pair in a position that most suits you before the spray dries out. This takes about 20 minutes but if you want to be sure they’re really installed properly and won’t come off the minute you start using them, it might be best to let them dry overnight.