Upgrade Your Fitness Game – Go Hard While Staying at Home

28 Dec 2016
Dana Grace

Although it is easy to get inspired by all kind of health and fitness quotes and tell your whole crew that you’re starting with your big workout plan Monday, the truth is, getting in shape is a tough goal to stick to. Oftentimes gyms are crowded, some of them are quite expensive and on top of it all- working out is a huge commitment that takes time. And since it is a rather time-consuming thing to do on a daily basis (as for many of you I’m sure it takes some time to get to the gym and drive back home), or just 2-3 times a week – you can build your own insane training space with a couple of workout equipment pieces and smash your workout in the comfort of your home. Time for some serious gains. Here are some of the basics you’ll need.

Barbell and weights

There are two main barbell types: standard and Olympic. The standard bars have a diameter of about 2.55 cm with 2.55cm holes through the plates. These bars bend easily and cannot hold more than 90kg, for that reason, they are more suitable for light applications and should not be used for heavy weight lifting. Olympic bars on the other hand, are about 2 metres long and have a rotating 2 metre sleeve. They were designed for heavy weight and compound lifts. As for weights, they do not cost much and you can find them basically in any sports and gym equipment store. Make sure to buy pairs of different weights which will be heavy enough to complement a variety of your exercises.

A cardio machine

Time for the real talk – cardio is not fun at all. Most people struggle to get through the 20-30 minutes they know they’re supposed to do, but the truth is – you can spend a lot less time and burn more calories if you’re smart enough to choose the right machine. So instead of going for the elliptical machine like many would, there is a better option – the treadmill. Unlike some of the other cardio machines, the treadmill is a workout equipment piece that allows you to move the way your body is supposed to move. Moreover, it is really easy to use – all you need to do is get on it, press start and adjust your grade or speed. Even walking on an incline can really do the trick. Put your headphones on and do some real work!

A bench

Some movements and exercises, such as the bench press, require you to lie down. Nevertheless, before you go on a workout equipment shopping spree, do your research and pay attention to what you really need. If you are serious about weight lifting and want to go big with your weights, avoid the cheap benches as they might not be able to withstand all that weight plus your body weight. Make sure the bench is the correct height for you. If you’re shopping online, buy an adjustable one and you’ll have no problems.