Must-Have Barbeque Accessory: How to Choose the Right Grill Cover

2 Oct 2020
Larry Ficks

You’ve arranged your outdoor space as you wished and got a grill, and now it’s time for you to throw delicious lunches or dinner parties and enjoy the weather outside! Sounds great to any food lover and outdoor enthusiast, but to keep your excitement alive and use your investment for an extended period of time, you need to consider whether your grill will need a cover or not.

As some of the grills are too big and not suitable to bring inside, we often have to leave them outside. If that’s the case, then it’s highly recommended to protect your grill from possible damage. A grill cover may look like a simple cloth, but it’s much more than that. The main purpose of the grill cover is protective, keeping your grill out of reach of the harsh elements and weather that may bring down its quality or cause damage.

When it comes to investing in this must-have barbeque accessory, there are a few important factors to consider.


Look at the Material

Despite grill covers looking the same on the outside, the quality and performance actually vary depending on the materials they are made from. Therefore, the material is fundamental in achieving protection, and reputable brands are racing to create covers out of premium materials that are more durable against any damaging factors. Here are the most common types of grill cover materials:

Vinyl – Vinyl grill covers are waterproof, and are a good solution for the rainy season. Vinyl covers have diverse durability, depending on whether it’s a heavy-duty or lighter option. Heavy-duty covers (especially ones with 12 gauge and more) are more expensive but recommended. Lighter vinyl covers are low-priced, but not as protective and lasting.
Polyester – This type of barbeque accessory is most popular among consumers, as it can sustain all kinds of weather conditions, making it usable all year round. It’s waterproof and sun-resistant, and thanks to its sturdy construction very long-lasting. When compared to vinyl, polyester covers perform better in about every climate and condition. Keeping that in mind, don’t hesitate to spend extra money on a high-quality polyester cover. Just remember how much you have paid your barbecue grill, and be on a safe side by investing in grill cover that will get the job done.
Canvas – This material is an alternative to polyester, usually used for outdoors due to its resistance. A great advantage of this cover is that it can also be fireproof. This material is widely used in making boat sails covers, tents and shoes. Another favour of canvas is its price, as it is durable, and not very costly. Being often cheaper than polyester, canvas grill cover may represent a great fit to your barbecue grill. Canvas is also a more eco-friendly option than polyester if sustainability is important to you.

Note the Size

Today, grills come in all kinds of styles, sizes and shapes. You have to check all the features first, and then start your endeavour for a perfect cover. Don’t expect standard sizes when it comes to grill covers. Before you opt-out for buying a grill cover, take time and measure your grill correctly. Despite your grill’s style or shape, it shouldn’t look oversized, and it’s not only because well-fitted covers look nicer, but because they offer a more secure fit to prevent water from getting in. Grill cover sizes are often customised to provide appropriate fit.


Check the Features

Grill covers offer different features. For example, air vents prevent moisture in a way that reduces condensation and wind lofting, keeping your grill rust-free. Click-close straps snap around legs and wheels to provide security against wind and bad weather. Looped handles grant simple folding process and easier removal of the cover. Some grill covers come with pockets that serve to store your grill accessories. Don’t forget to check on these features as they make covers more convenient to use.

Consider Your Budget

How much are you willing to spend on a grill cover? If you’re someone who wants to keep track of their expenses, better check the price range in advance. Even though this type of grill accessory is often affordable and doesn’t cost much, you can the prices of products and compare them, with the aim of getting the best fit for your budget and certainly your grill.

How to Maintain Your Grill Cover

Here are some suggested ways to prolong the quality of your grill cover:

  • Wash it regularly to remove all the grease, dirt, dust, mould and any other unfavourable factor. Don’t cleanse too harshly, as it may lower the cover’s performance;
  • Clean properly your barbecue grill. It means that after each grilling time, you should properly burn off food remains and food acids and then brush your grill while still hot, as that’s how you will easier remove all the stains. Different types of grills need to be cleaned differently, so make sure you know how to clean yours.
  • Avoid heavy chemical sprayers and use mild cleansers to prolong your cover’s life;
  • It’s advisable to hand wash your grill cover, as machine washing may damage it.