Motorcycle Security: Making Sure Your Beast on Wheels Stays Yours

4 Jan 2017
Larry Ficks

Keeping your motorcycle in a great working condition is vital for its performance, but security is also a very important aspect to consider. Although the percentage of motorcycle theft has been decreasing over the years, it is still important to take some precaution steps to ensure the safety of your motorbike.

For passionate drivers, the motorcycle is not just a form of transportation but their biggest joy and pride. I know how much you love your bike, but so do thieves. Motorcycles are easy money for criminals because in many cases, they are easy to steal and sell. For that reason, make sure to keep your lovey well-protected at all times.

Motorcycle Locks

These motorcycle security products are on the top of this list for a good reason. Without a doubt, they are one of the simplest yet most effective items you can find on the market that can help you keep your bike protected from thieves. From cable locks to chain locks, you can use these motorcycle security items to secure your bike to an immovable object such as a lamppost or a parking anchor.

Secure Parking

True, your motorbike is safest when parked inside your garage, but once you go out you will need to find the right spot to park it. Most cities have a secure parking area where you can safely leave your it. To be at peace of mind, make sure you lock it using a motorcycle cable lock or a chain lock. Fix it to the ground to something like lamps, loops, security stands, etc. When secured this way, thieves will certainly have a hard time stealing your motorcycle.

Alarms and Immobilizers

Another great way to protect your expensive bike is to use immobilizers or alarms and combine these systems along with insurance. This mix of security methods can be a really great way to deter thieves and will also help reduce your insurance price. Believe me, it is always worthy to pay extra money for installing motorcycle alarm by a professional technician than to be sorry later that you didn’t do it.

Reasonable Steps to Bike Security

Regardless of what kind of motorcycle security products you are using, sometimes they may not be enough to keep the thieves away, especially if you constantly park it out of sight and give them time to disassemble it. Also, consider your parking habits; try to park your motorcycle in different places so that thieves do not learn your routine.

If taking these precaution measures look like a real hassle to you, know that they are nothing compared to the stress you will go through if your motorcycle gets stolen. It is much smarter to spend some money on motorcycle security products rather than having to buy a completely new one.