Exhaust Parts: The Three Essentials

11 May 2017
Larry Ficks

The main purpose of an exhaust system is to guide the exhaust gases towards a safer direction because nearly all gases that are emitted are toxic. For instance, if the vehicle runs on diesel and it’s newly-bought, it is equipped with an additional filter such as the DPF filter which reduces the pollutants in the air and lowers the noise level. In essence, an exhaust system is made from many small parts such as catalytic converter, silencer and manifold. On the market, exhaust parts are generally quite expensive, however, you can still find reliable yet affordable after-market exhaust parts.

When searching for exhaust parts online, you can notice that all the parts are categorised in a system they are part of. All the aforementioned parts are not included in all vehicles, however, they are considered as the most important parts of the exhaust. For the purpose of getting a better idea, I’ll explain each one of them below.


Exhaust Manifold Part

This part is directly connected with the cylinder head of the engine. Its main purpose is to guide the air that is produced during the combustion cycle. Nearly all exhaust manifolds are produced either from steel or iron, however, some aftermarket manufacturers add a ceramic layer over the steel which increases the performance, ease of maintenance and longevity of the exhaust system.

Catalytic Converter Part

The area of the exhaust system that is directly responsible for getting rid of the pollutants is known as a catalytic converter. In Australia, driving a vehicle without a properly functioning catalytic converter is illegal. In essence, the catalytic converter is a large box connected with the end part of a cylinder head. It has a good stability, but in some cases, there are additional clamps and hangers installed which hold it tighter.

Silencer Part

This part, also known as the muffler is where all vehicle noise comes from. It weights a lot and it is the most vulnerable part of the exhaust system. If this part gets damaged, it has to be replaced immediately because the damage may also affect the engine. For this reason, clamps are usually installed additionally as to ensure it stays attached to get a car in any type of situation.

Purchasing exhaust parts online and especially from a third-party manufacturer requires a lot of knowledge and information. Hopefully, after reading this article you feel more confident regarding the must-knows basics prior to such purchase.