Why is Installing a Suspension Kit a Good Idea

4 May 2017
Larry Ficks

One of the most popular off-road vehicles in Australia is the Hilux. It beats every sedan and hatchback model by a large margin, making Toyota the most dominant vehicle manufacturer in the country. The sheer reliability of the Hilux is the main reason people opt for it. However, not all Hilux models are prepared for the rough off-road terrain, and you might need to invest in a Hilux suspension kit to make it more convenient and adequate for your off-road adventures. By doing so you’re avoiding scratches and damages underneath the Hilux while making sure you can easily conquer hills and rivers.

Suspension kits allow you to modify your vehicle and make it taller, giving it a more imposing appearance and making it more functional on the off-road. OEM suspension kits can be expensive, but manufacturers do allow third-party companies to manufacture and sell reliable suspension kits, and the case is no different with Toyota. You can easily find a Hilux suspension kit online at an affordable price.

A Hilux suspension kit is usually composed of:

  • Extra front differential to change the mountain brackets and a differential rear mount
  • Reinforced HUB support brackets
  • Steering rack rod ends so that you can maintain full alignment adjustments
  • Extra lower control arm equipped with sideline support braces
  • Brake hose relocation bracket
  • New length front coil

You can get the suspension kit installed by the retailer you buy it from, or you can take the kit to your mechanic and have him do it for you. However, having a retailer install it for you is best as they’re most familiar with the kit itself and the specific vehicle it is made for. The main thing to look for is service and quality. The installation process doesn’t take more than a few hours, depending on the manpower and fittings. Authorized and quality dealerships have gone through special Toyota courses so you can rest assured that they will install it right.

The importance of the materials used to build the suspension kit shouldn’t be overlooked either You shouldn’t compromise quality for price as Australia’s environment is unforgiving. The metals, rubbers and plastic that comprise the parts of the kit should be able to take on any type of conditions, so whether you’re driving in a dry or wet climate shouldn’t make a difference. Australia has a couple of authorized and licensed Toyota Hilux suspension kit manufacturers and installers. You can find them online relatively easy, and contact them via phone, email or go down to their dealership or workshop.