Easy Gardening: Self Watering Systems 101

25 Mar 2021
Dana Grace

If you’re a person who has a busy lifestyle, travels often, or simply forgets to water the plants on a regular basis, then you’re going to love self watering planters. They are the easiest way to have gorgeous houseplants without putting in a lot of effort and spending your precious time watering them.

How Do Self Watering Pots Work?

self watering pots
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The innovative self watering planters work by a simple “wick-delivering” system, where a reservoir for water is placed at the bottom of the container, allowing the plant’s roots to draw as much water as needed through the well-known capillary action. The only thing you need to do is to occasionally fill the reservoir with water, and watch your beautiful plants rise and shine.

If you’re concerned about what’s the optimal frequency for filling up the reservoir, don’t worry, because some of these convenient self watering plant boxes come with a water level indicator, which rises and falls together with the level of water in the reservoir, making it obvious when it’s the time to top the reservoir up.

In addition to helping you maintain a lush indoor garden, these planters are available in many modern designs. You can find some lovely self-watering white planter pots to decorate a minimalist interior or pick out more colourful models to bring a touch of drama to the space.

What Are the Advantages of Self Watering Planter Boxes?

Engineered for Growing Healthy Food

If you’re striving for a healthier life and want to start producing your own organic ingredients for cooking, the innovative self watering pots can allow this to happen even if you live in the tallest skyscraper in the city. Even though these planters come in a size convenient to fit into the tiniest corner of your apartment, they feature a deceptively large growing volume, making it possible to produce your own fruits, vegetables and herbs at home without taking up a lot of space.

Keeping the Plants Properly Moisturised in All Conditions

self watering planters
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As we said before, the main advantage of the self watering plant boxes is that they provide your plants with the necessary hydration without having to constantly water them by hand. This makes them perfect for the Australian climate and the mostly hot weather conditions, since your plants may require watering them at least 2 times a day in the hot summer days to keep them from drying out.

On the other hand, some plants such as tomatoes, carrots, garlic and many other vegetables don’t react well and tend to wither easily when exposed to inconsistent watering. Planting them in a convenient plant self watering pot means allowing them to absorb the amount of water they exactly need, which is essential to keep them fresh and in good shape, especially when the sun is blasting.

Saving Water

When spraying your plants with hose nozzles or watering them from above with a watering can, a significant amount of the water goes on the ground or ends up on your plants’ leaves, where it evaporates into the air, without “feeding” your plants properly.

So, instead of wasting great amounts of water and effort to hydrate your plants properly, it’s more efficient to plant them in a self watering planter. This way you can rest assured that the water in the enclosed reservoir goes directly to the plants’ roots without getting in any touch with the air.

Preventing Infestations

To keep your plants happy and thriving, you need to keep them healthy. But if you thought that to keep your lovely plants in good shape you only need to regularly water them, even if it’s from above like we mentioned before, we’re sorry to say you’re wrong. All that water that never reaches your plants’ roots, but ends up on their leaves instead, will over-saturate the leaves, which is the main cause for your plants developing fungal diseases and infestations.

Where to Place the Self Watering Pots?

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Regardless if you want to produce your own organic vegetables or you just want to adorn your home with some lovely plants, the self watering plant pots can be placed wherever you desire.

Because they come in many contemporary designs from geometric patterns to sleek white planter pots, it’s not surprising that more and more professionals are using them to transform commercial areas such as apartments, hotels and restaurants, hospitals and other public spaces. And they are especially great for freshening up your office with some greenery and boosting your productivity. The self-watering white planters’ sleek design is also great for residential use since it can perfectly complement any living room decor or add some vibrancy to a plain dining area.