Green Up Your Office Environment and Plant the Seeds of Success

16 Feb 2017
Dana Grace

office-planter-boxes-2Many of us complain about feeling fatigue and constant headaches while at work. But sometimes it’s not the workload that weighs us down, but rather the environment itself. Modern office spaces are usually boring and monochromatic and designed in a way that does not do much about the aspect of creativity and relaxation. After all, we spend at least 8 hours in them, so they should be designed in a way to boost productivity. They can have a big impact on the fact whether we will give our best or succumb to the feelings of boredom and inertia. But with just a little splash of green all of this can change in a moment! You see, plants have the special power to transform any place into a sanctuary of tranquillity and creativity. And an office is maybe the one place that is in terrible need of them for the following reasons.

Stylish and Low Maintenance Decor Element

Since there are usually more people working in an office, this consequently implies different style preferences. Whichever style you may choose to design your office in, you’d hardly hear someone complaining about adding a few plants. Plants simply compliment every space by combining both sophistication and creativity while subtly adding some much needed colour. However, many office managers shy away from greenery because they think it will require constant attention. Little do they know that there are self-watering office pots that can go for weeks without needing to be watered. Taking care of plants has never been so effortless!

Increase Employee Productivity

A successful office environment is the one that promotes productivity. Many managers think this implies a rigid and bland office design without any ornaments that could pose as distraction. But the human mind needs outside stimulation in order to stay sharp and focused, and most importantly happy. Regarding this, a popular study has found that a splash of greenery has an enormous effect on engaging workers and boosting their overall office productivity. This study, which took 10 years to complete, concluded that employees with office pots in their vicinity had a 15% better performance rate than those who were seated in a “bland” environment. More specifically, test results on employees’ memory retention and concentration improved dramatically after the introduction of plants. A cute little pot on each worker’s desk can act as their very own battery for recharging!

Create a Healthier Environment

Modern office buildings are sealed and air-tight in order to be energy-efficient. This prevents exchange of the stale indoor air with fresh one from the outside which creates a dangerous concentration of CO2. And bad indoor air quality is the major cause of Sick building syndrome – a combination of symptoms associated with workplaces. This can be prevented by introducing a natural air filter in the form of plants. But besides contributing to the reduction of CO2, research has found that rooms with plants have 50-60% less airborne bacteria and mould than rooms without. And all of these health advantages of plants are found to significantly reduce employee sickness by 30% and absenteeism by 50%. There you go, another way to increase productivity levels!