Add Style and Texture to Your Walls with Art

5 Mar 2021
Dana Grace

Nothing can bring in style, uniqueness and interest in your home like wall decorations. Walls are the largest surface in your home, and while all the elements you choose, furniture, rugs, doors and similar will determine the style of your place, well-chosen wall hangings can be what ultimately ties everything together.

Whether you hang a painting, prints, photos, or cover your wall with a mural, wall art pops up and draws the eye, it completes the room, it sets the atmosphere, the vibe, the style, and most of all, it shows who you are. But, choosing art isn’t easy for everyone. Most of us aren’t experts, and while we may have an opinion about what we like, we may not always be sure about what will look best in our home.

Fortunately, thanks to online shopping, things have become simpler in the last decade or so, and with the advancement of technology, art is now more available to everyone. So, nowadays, anyone can find and buy the right contemporary wall art for their space easily. And what’s more, if you are looking at contemporary art prints, for instance, on your computer or your phone at home, you can get a much better idea of how it would look like.

Reasons to Choose Contemporary Wall Art Prints

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Source: BestOfBharat

Contemporary artwork is a very broad concept, it can mean anything from paintings, prints, posters, murals, to almost any type of wall hanging you may find out there, and it offers many options for any taste and style. However, if you don’t have a specific idea of what you want, and if you are just starting with art, you may want to stick to art prints.

Art prints are one of the favourite ways of decorating amongst interior designers and homeowners alike because they can represent endless things, they can come in any size you need them, they can be framed or unframed, they come in different materials, and most importantly they are affordable.

And because they aren’t something that will dig a huge hole in your budget, they can offer you any number of ways to elevate the style of your home, give it an edge, add interest or personality etc. They can be used to add more colour, to accent a specific colour or to create contrast, they can be used for some kind of visual effect, as a statement piece, to create a feature wall etc.

Complete Any Style with Contemporary Artwork


Source: The Design Sheppard

When you are trying to choose a contemporary wall art piece for your home, you should take these things into consideration, and that can help you narrow down your options. For instance, you may ask yourself: what do you want to accomplish with your art? If the answer is “I need an accent colour”, choose the colour and select an art print accordingly. In this case, a nice, sophisticated abstract art print can be one great choice.

If the answer is that you want to get some strong eye-catching visual effect, you may want to go for a colour that contrasts the rest of the room, you can go for an abstract again, or an image of something striking, like an animal, flowers, trees… It will all depend on the kind of effect or statement you are trying to achieve.

Decorate Any Room with Contemporary Artwork


Source: iCanvas

Wall art prints are so versatile in every sense of the word, that they can find their place in any room of your home, and more than that, they can enrich and embellish it. Although the living room or the bedroom are the places we think about when we are choosing art, the kitchen, the bathroom, the hallway, the home office can offer just as interesting opportunities for exhibiting contemporary artworks.

The kitchen and the bathroom can be a great place to show off your personality, and go for something more fun, unexpected, or you can hang something thought-provoking, or provocative in some other way. In the bathroom, you could also go for something more artistic and calming.

Since these rooms tend to be smaller, you should keep your art smaller as well. In the kitchen, you can hang your art on the wall if there is space, or it can stand on the countertop or above the cabinets. In the bathroom, try matching the style and the vibe of the rest of the elements. Make sure it complements the colours and that it looks proportionate.

When you are choosing art and figuring out where to place it in the living room, things can get very confusing, although it’s the most exciting part of decorating. However, many things depend on the artwork: the way you display it, what is it, how it works with the room, how it reflects on your personality. Art is supposed to tell a story, but not only with what it is.

While there are many conventional, tried out, safe way to hang wall art in a living room, you can try to play a little bit, experiment and come out with something original and unique. You can go with the traditional artwork over the sofa, in good proportions, you can create a mosaic with art prints, photos, posters, illustrations, or a combination of more media, you can create some other interesting groupings. Instead of hanging the wall art you can place it on a shelf, and play with different colours, heights, media, textures, patterns, for more interest and personality.

In other words, once you’ve found what you want to hang, you don’t need to follow any rules as to how and where to position them, try following only your taste, your imaginations, having proportion and the style of the rest of the room in mind. And if all else fails, start googling.