The Rookie Checklist – What to Buy When Skiing for the First Time

23 Jan 2019
Dana Grace

So the time has come for you to give skiing a try. You’ve watched all the tutorials, you read on the matter and you’ve talked to all your friends who are crazy about this hobby and you’re ready to buy your first ski wear ever. Congrats! But as much as fun shopping may seem, you might change your mind when shopping for ski wear for the first time if you aren’t informed about all the specifics. So take a deep breath and continue reading – in this article, I have listed the most essential pieces you need to pack for your skiing adventure.

You will need more than just skis and a jacket, so make sure you rely on a ski shop that offers the best of everything. Good ski wear shops will have great customer service, a wide variety of models to choose from and affordable prices. Buying everything from one place will certainly save you time and not mention the best possible deals you can make on your purchase. Once you find your one-stop station for ski wear and gear, here is what you need to look for.

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Ski Clothing

To enjoy your first time skiing, make sure that you are properly dressed. However, when you’re buying ski wear, keep in mind the season in which you’ll be skiing. If you’re going for a ski adventure in January, then you need a pair of long johns that will keep you warm. On the other hand, if you’re planning your trip to be in the springtime then you can skip this layer. Also, ski socks will ensure your feet will stay warm and comfortable – make sure to buy a few pairs of them.

Furthermore, get a T-shirt as an under-layer, and for a middle layer look for something comfortable, loose and lightweight for ease of movement. Micro fleece is a perfect choice of fabric that will wick away moisture and keep your comfortable. Last but not least, you will need quality and comfortable ski jacket.

Ski Equipment

First on the list is the helmet. It is a piece of gear that is worth to invest in as it will keep your head protected in case of an accident. You can always rent this piece, but still, if you are planning to continue with this sport, buying one is a much wiser decision. Both will keep the sun glare from your eyes but still, consider the weather. For warm, sunny conditions opt for sunglasses while goggles are better for cold, snowy days.

Gloves are another must-have piece. No matter what season you are planning to hit the slopes, make sure you always have your gloves with you. They will keep your hands protected and warm. In case you are a person who particularly hates the cold, you can invest in glove liners for an extra layer of warmth. Wool gloves are not a choice. You need to look for specific ski gloves that will keep you not just warm but dry as well. As for eye protection, you can choose either goggles or sunglasses.

Keep in mind that buying ski equipment can be an expensive investment. So, if you are not ready to spend a lot of money, you can look through the ski wear shops and find one that offers renting services.