Stay in the Know about Pet Quarantines: Explaining the Conditions

26 Nov 2018
Dana Grace

More often than not, pets are considered invaluable family members. They are mood boosters, exercise buddies, stress relievers and a cure for loneliness. They have become so invaluable that many people nowadays can’t imagine going anywhere without them. Be it a family trip, or a short weekend away with friends, pets are often seen as priceless travel buddies by many. When going places with your pet, apart from all the joy and fun, you also need to think about several procedures which are necessary to fulfil before you can safely enter Australia again with your pet. That being said, let’s go through some of the conditions pet quarantine Australia facilities offer and provide for the necessity of your pet.

pet quarantine Australia

Animal Accommodation

The facilities where animals are kept for quarantine offer climate controlled pens and, when booking your pet in the facility, each pet gets an individual pen. They are also thinking ahead for those of you who have more animals. These quarantine facilities offer adjacent pens for two animals of the same species. (i.e. two dogs)


This is what mostly causes pet owners to worry, however, there’s no need for that. When in quarantine, the animal will be fed with a high quality, nutritionally balanced food, once daily during their stay. If a veterinarian advises that an animal ought to be fed more than once, then that will be provided by the pet quarantine Australia facility. If your pet has any “special” needs when it comes to feeding and general food requirements, you need to state that and provide a veterinarian statement outlining the animal’s condition and the reasons for the different diet needs. It is important to know that you mustn’t send any food with your animal and if you do send some it will be put away due to the possible bio-security risks.

Bedding, Treats, and Toys

Bedding, treats, and toys will be provided by the department as they have everything to suit any breed and age. Be advised that any item brought to the facility will be put away and the facility itself does not take the responsibility for those cases. The destruction of any items brought in is essential since they become soiled during the journey.


Under the current import conditions, many animals stay in the department for a period of 10 days. Having in mind this short post-entry quarantine, visitation rights are not permitted. This period is required for the experts there to provide the needed care while managing the administrative and bio-security requirements that prepare your animal for release. In cases when the quarantine period is longer than expected, you can discuss visitation rights with the manager of the facility.


The grooming and bathing of animals are also provided by the staff at the facility during their quarantine period for bio-security and hygiene reasons. In instances where special grooming care is required, it is additionally discussed with the manager and if approved, the staff will be able to take care of it.