Reasons Why Ultrasonic Dog Repellers Are the Best Ones for Your Furry Friend

16 Jan 2019
Dana Grace

Dogs are adorable pets – they’re cute and cuddly, but sometimes they can also be vicious. In fact, dog bites can cause serious injuries and cause mental trauma. According to Australian Companion Animal Council Inc., each year over 100,000 Australians are being attacked by a dog, and 12,000 to 14,000 of them end up being hospitalized. Hence, the growing popularity of dog repellers.

Designed to protect you from aggressive dogs, dog repellers emit a high-frequency sound that only dogs can hear. This sound is unpleasant for them and makes them want to run away from the repeller as soon as possible. Most of the ultrasonic dog repellers come with a LED light and are a good thing to have if you are scared of dogs or want to keep your furry friend safe in your yard. Let’s go through the main benefits of these devices.

Protection from stray dogs

Whether you enjoy jogging in the morning, walking in the park, riding a bicycle, or any other outdoor activity, there is a good chance you will come across a stray dog on your way. Jogging may inspire the dog to start following you which can not only be annoying but scary as well. With a dog repeller, you can rest assured you are safe and keep all unfriendly dogs at a bay.

Training device

Dog repellers have proved to be great for training purposes. They can easily help you establish good habits, behaviors, and routines with your four-legged friend. For instance, you can use the repeller to assist you when you want your dog to be quiet, to lie down or sit. Or, you can also use it to teach your pet that it should not leave the designated space for him unless you let him go.

Easy to use

When a dog is about to attack you, most people start panicking and don’t know how to behave. At that moment you lose your ability to think and make rational decisions. This is where a dog deterrent comes in helpful. If you have this device with you, all you’ll need to do is just press a button and the dog will calm down and walk away.

The ultrasonic repeller is super convenient. You can take it anywhere you go and have peace of mind knowing you’ll be safe. It is safe for both – you and dogs and it is a great tool for self-defense, however, keep in mind that it cannot affect a dog that is deaf.