Caring for Your Female Dog at Each Life Stage

17 Dec 2019
Dana Grace

Having a female dog as a pet is almost without a doubt a guarantee for having a loving companion and a friend. Not that I’m a sexist, I’ve taken care of both male and female dogs in the past, but I find female dogs to be smarter, more independent and easier to train than male dogs. There is research that actually proves this. However, keeping your female dog healthy and happy is a lifelong commitment. At each stage of your pet’s life, her needs will change and therefore you will need different products you can buy from a dog supply store.

dog eating

When Puppy

Keeping your pet healthy and happy starts with the first contact while she is still a puppy. As adorable and cute as she might seem, puppies are vulnerable and they need your attention and care. One of your first consideration is what supplies to buy for a new dog.

Since your small four-legged friend needs her own cosy place where she can curl up, relax, and feel warm and comfortable, you will need dog beds that can be found at a dog supply store. Ones made from soft and lightweight materials like wool or cotton would make for good puppy dog beds. They can imitate the warmth previously provided by your pup’s mum, which is very important at this stage when she can feel lonely, sad, and miss her mother. In terms of design, beds with raised edges can act as a comfy pillow on which your dog can rest its head or cuddle against.

Also, quality pet food can get your new puppy off to a good start. Start by feeding her with the same food that the shelter or the rescue provided and slowly introduce something different. Treats can also be a helpful supplement to her diet and a great way to help her put on weight as she grows. They can be a part of the reward-based training.

Although not mandatory, cute dog accessories like a necklace with her name on it or little bow would really make your puppy look kinda special and show your love and attention.

happy golden retriever dog with puppies

When Nursing

Unless you make the decision to get your pet desexed,your female dog is going to become a mother at some point in her life. This will surely be one of the most exciting stages for both of you. Although you can trust that she will likely take care of her puppies, it’s up to you to take care of her. Sometimes dog mummies can have over ten babies at a time which takes a lot of energy and milk supply. But it’s not uncommon for lady canines to not be able to provide enough milk, so you might wonder how can i increase my dogs milk supply. The best way to do this is to make sure that she is well fed. It’s recommended that you give her a specially made nursing diet to help her produce lots of nutritious milk for her babies. A nursing dog may need three times as much food as a normal dog to make enough milk for her pups. Also, you want to make sure that she always has access to freshwater as dehydration can decrease the milk supply fast. Supplements can also help, but not just any. Milk thistle, which is a herb, zink and apricots can help with making more milk. You can add parsley or fennel to salmon and chicken treats for the same purpose.

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When Senior

Your senior dog will have different care requirements than when she was a puppy or when pregnant and nursing. She will need extra attention from both you and the veterinarian. That is why when she becomes older, at around 7 years of age, it might be necessary to do extra tests in order to discover potential illnesses before they become serious. One of the most common health problems that can appear in older dogs is obesity, which can be prevented with regular exercise. That is why daily exercise is a must at this stage. When it comes to the dog supply products you’ll need to provide for her, this is the time when maybe you should switch the pillow-like soft bed to an orthopedic one made from memory foam as these can provide better support. Why this is important is because the older she gets, the more her joints will hurt. You should also consider a specialized diet that is lower in calories because as already mentioned obesity is a common health problem among older dogs. Supplements such as glucosamine and chondroitin can be beneficial for senior dogs as these can treat the pain that’s associated with osteoporosis, which is a condition also very common among senior dogs.