Bonding and Fun All in One: The Importance of Cat Toys

30 Jul 2019
Dana Grace

It may not seem like it, but your furry little cat is actually a carnivorous predator that has the urge to hunt. Sure, it can adapt to the comfy life you are willing to provide, but without proper toys and challenges, your cat will turn shoes and furniture into toys. By providing proper cat toys your buddy will have a safe and convenient experience that will keep it happy, healthy and fulfilled, without having the need to scratch and chew your valuables. Here is more about the importance of this aspect.

Benefits of Having Your Cat Play With Toys

Of course, cat toys provide entertainment for both you and your cat, but that’s not all. There are numerous other health benefits that make these toys so invaluable. First, these are great for preventing/solving behavioral problems. There are times when your cat stays in for far too long and has too much energy. In such scenario, if you don’t provide toys, it may become more aggressive and can start destroying household items in order to get relief. Playing with proper cat toys, on the other hand, may help it burn all excess energy and divert its attention.

Next, there are times when your cat feels stress or anxiety and if not relieved, this can cause additional problems for your feline friend. You being away for too long, meeting new humans, or change of scenery are all possible scenarios that can get your cat agitated. Spending a few minutes with it and playing with cat toys can take all these worries away. Plus, it can lower your blood pressure, make you smile and forget for a few minutes the hard day you just had.

By spending a lot of time indoors, cats can also become obese. And similarly to people, cats too can become more vulnerable to serious conditions and diseases when overweight. So, besides creating proper meal plans, you should also make sure that your cat has a regular exercise routine. Cat toys are the perfect tool for this. It’s fun, it’s healthy and it creates a bond between you and your pet. Yes, you can rest assured that your cat will appreciate your presence and you will be rewarded with sweet purrs and loving cuddles.

Types of Toys to Keep Your Cat Happy and Healthy

  • Cat Scratchers

Cats scratch to either mark their territory or to sharpen their claws. Regardless of the reason, it is important that they have a proper place to do it. It’s a natural behaviour pattern for them, and a cat scratch post can really help. There are various types of scratch posts, making it easy for you to find one that is suitable for your space, your cat, and of course, your budget

  • Cat Tunnels

Besides being natural scratchers, cats are also very curious and enjoy squeezing themselves into small spaces. That is why it is beneficial that you consider getting a cat tunnel. There are models that even produce sounds as your pet moves inside and come with hanging toys on the inside. Your cat will enjoy the sounds and will swipe at the toys with utter enthusiasm.

  • Teaser Wands

This type of toys for kittens consists of a small stick with a toy or feathers attached at the end of it. You can wave, flutter and twitch the stick around and excite your cat. It will see it as prey and will indulge in its natural urge to hunt. Just make sure that you choose carefully where and how fast to move the dangling toy so that you meet your cat’s needs and pace accordingly.

  • Balls

Similarly to teaser wands, balls also mimic cat prey. The movement of cat balls¬†will entice your cat to chase them around and seek them out. If you want to increase its attention, you can put treats inside the ball so that your cat won’t give up the hunt easily. Also, there are balls that come with bells on the inside that can stimulate the cat via sounds too.