Benefits of Using Trolleys & Hand Trucks in Warehouses

18 Nov 2020
Larry Ficks

Every operational manager is looking to boost efficiency in the warehouse they’re running. Schedules are tight, goods have to be moved fast and everything needs to be done as smoothly as possible. There are many approaches to this issue, however, there is one that is a classic solution which remains popular and worthwhile even today – having a good range of hand truck dollies.

Hand trolleys of all sorts are used in supermarkets, hospitals, restaurants, delivery services, and hair salons to name a few. The concept of load being carried on wheels, and potentially on more than one level, works in a range of environments.

Better Performance

There are many factors that affect logistics efficiency, but at the end of the day, it all translates into costs. No one wants to spend more than they have to. Finding a reliable hand truck dolly for sale from a retailer that enjoys authority on the market is a great way to cut operational costs. They unequivocally contribute to higher output in the warehouse. Having clear guidance and procedures involving the use of a dolly hand truck can help your team be more productive.

Cut Down Time

Proper use of hand trucks can shorten the overall loading time. Stacking items on more than one level will streamline your order delivery response. If you set up a strategic approach to orders where you combine several hand trolley items in one run, you can significantly reduce the time required to finish the task. Depending on the type of items you stock, this can be a game-changer.


Reduce Workplace Injuries

The number one asset in your warehouse is your employees. Carrying boxes and heavy items will take a toll on your employees’ health. time. Carrying the load on a pair of wheels will greatly reduce the physical stress that your team handles on a day-to-day basis. Also, don’t forget to set a couple of operational rules and guidelines to make navigating with hand trucks and trollies safer. For instance:

  • Use two-wheel hand truck for lightweight items;
  • Use four-wheel industrial hand trucks for heavy loads;
  • Always push hand trucks and trolleys, never pull them.

Increase Workforce Satisfaction

Properly planning your warehouse operations is crucial for the success of your business. By taking some load off your workers’ back and providing them with an easier way to handle things can significantly boost their satisfaction and make them happier to be working for your company.

Wide Range of Good Solutions

No two loads are the same and sometimes you just need to cover different requirements down the logistics chain. The most simple trolleys are those with a flat deck and two levels. They are made for lightweight items and usually have four wheels. Then you have the all-terrain platform trolleys that are heavy duty and are fitted with pneumatic tires. This type of tough construction can handle weight exceeding 1000 kg.

Some loads need to be caged or at least protected from falling by mesh or wire. The hand trolleys used in such instances are usually multiple-purpose and allow easy customization of the inner rails and shelving. This is done so that you have several compartments that can be quickly adjusted.

Heavy duty appliance trolleys are popular for moving bulky objects around, even over stairs. The point of the matter is – the range of hand truck dolly for sale you will find online is truly diverse, so you need to take into account your needs and choose accordingly.

Slick Tracking Systems vs. Old Fashioned Trollies

Many warehouse management teams consider upgrading their systems with up to date robots and electronic tracking options. While this might seem appealing at first, it doesn’t mean that it will make truck dollies obsolete. Those electronic gadgets would need proper maintenance, regular updates and retraining your workers to be able to operate them. So, even if your company has made the decision to invest in more futuristic tools, don’t underestimate the usefulness of the good old fashioned trollies. They have been around for so long for some very good reasons.