Bath Plugs: The Different Types You Should Consider

30 May 2019
Larry Ficks

When you start putting your carefully planned bathroom together, it is important to also think about the little things that make a big difference. These include the accessories, the finishing touches that beautify the space, and last but definitely not least the utilitarian, functional parts. A prime example of these useful parts are bath plugs which come in several different types.

Pop Up Plugs

The pop up type of plug usually features a chrome dial that is placed right above the overflow hole. Quite often, that dial comes with flattened or grooved edges. What this means is that you can still turn it even when it’s wet and soapy. Once you turn this chrome dial, a simple lever set behind the bath will lift the plug and allow the water to drain out. For sealing it back, you just need to turn it in the opposite direction and it will drop down and close up.

Chain Plugs

This type of bath plug and waste is the most commonly used one, and there are a few viable reasons why people generally prefer it. A slim, ball or link chain is used to connect the plug to the overflow. You use your hand to put the plug in and out of the waste. This model has reached such high levels of demand additionally because of its nice, vintage charm. Even when the bath is empty and not in use, these still look great. Their classic style and delicate, glinting metal make for a delicate detail. Before opting for this model, it is important to know that these plugs require a chain stay – a special hole in which the chain is placed.

Click Clack Plugs

A click clack type of bath plug and waste can also be referred to as sprung plug or push button. It works with a mechanism that springs up once you push on the plug. Similarly to the pop up type mentioned above, the click clack plug also keeps the working parts tastefully placed and kind of hidden behind the bath. In order to drain the water, you need to put your hand underwater, then simply push the button and you are done.

Having in mind that you are bound to be spending quite some time in the bath in your day to day life, choosing a plug that will do its job properly and fit your bath area perfectly is not something that should be neglected. Pay attention to the small details that make these plugs different from one another and you will certainly make the right decision.