Add Pizzazz to Your Car with the Right Floor Mat

8 Nov 2017
Larry Ficks

While there are numerous ways to add more pizzazz to your vehicle, car floor mats are oftentimes completely overlooked, yet extremely affordable and functional. These accessories improve the appearance of the vehicle’s interior and protect it from damage. People who transport home improvement and construction equipment and even kids risk having their floors damaged by the dirt that’s tracked into the car, spilled beverage or food, etc.

Even though almost all cars come with floor mats, those can get damaged and dingy quickly. There are also not always designed to hold up to the abuse that some drivers put them up to. So replacing the floor mats of your car with new, durable ones is a great way to preserve your car interior’s condition and prevent long-term damage.

There are a few different types of floor mats available from car interior accessories online stores and car specialty stores. The right type of floor mat for a construction worker is probably a lot different from the right type of floor mat for a soccer mom. The most important factor to consider when buying a floor mat is the types of hazards the car floor is most commonly exposed to, and how the car is used.

All weather floor mats are one of the most commonly purchased car interior accessories, especially in climates that have extreme weather which can pose a threat to the car’s interior. When it gets wet and muddy, either from snow or rain, it’s easy for the car’s floors to become soiled with debris and dirt. All weather floor mats cover the floor and can be easily removed for cleaning to prevent damage to the car itself.

Floor mats come in a couple of standard sizes; for instance, pickup floor mats are one size, while sedan floor mats are another. However, this isn’t always the most practical solution, hence why there are custom made mats available for cars that have unique interiors, like modified cars or older cars. They’re a great choice for people who want to personalise their car and make it look unique.

Even though adding a floor mat to a car is typically done to prevent interior damage, some people opt to add them just for appeal and fun. Adding a splash of colour or a favourite character to the vehicle can be done by buying a novelty mat. Of course, besides bringing some levity to the car, it will also offer protection.