A Little Pamper Goes a Long Way

19 Apr 2017
Dana Grace

Since quality of life has significantly improved over the years, mostly due to the numerous technological and scientific advancements, human life expectancy has significantly increased as a result. This certainly had its effect on the way we perceive youth and old age, and knowing we can live well off into old age it’s not surprising everyone wants to look their best. The reason for this is partly due to the quest for physical fitness and the other part because of overall health.

I used to fear my tendency towards rejuvenating solutions would turn into vanity, but over time I realised there’s nothing wrong with tending to one’s own needs, taking care of oneself which is why I decided to share my rejuvenating treatments and inspire others to find ways to do so without feeling the least bit guilty about it. Just because you pamper yourself doesn’t mean you’re as spoiled as celebrities (giggles). When you understand this, you can make way for some healthy habits in your life. This is how a far infrared portable sauna became part of my lifestyle.

I’ve always been a fan of spas yet sadly the busy day to day life didn’t make way for as many trips to the nearby spa as I’d wanted, but instead of letting this be the excuse I looked into the matter deeply and ended up creating my very own spa at home, starting by adding a far infrared portable sauna. I can move it any place I want at home, and start detoxifying. The low levels of electromagnetic field the sauna works on creates radiant heat not harmful for the body or the environment, and this heat penetrates the body without affecting the room temperature at all. It’s helped me treat my sore muscles stiff from all the hours on end spent sitting in the office, fight the flu and cold as it strengthened my immune system and rejuvenated my skin.

Hydration is also part of the healthy process, but this doesn’t mean I buy into the eight glasses of water per day rule because certainly we don’t all require the same amount of fluids to stay hydrated. My motto is let your body tell you what it needs and be ready to tend to it. Warm water is always welcome to start the day, and teas are no exception either. While I don’t have a strict diet (nor do I intend to ever follow one), I mind the amount of food I eat and try to cut down on sweets. Then again this doesn’t mean sweets are completely out of the menu either, whenever I feel like some chocolate could brighten my day, I sure add it on my daily menu. Luckily, this along with the sauna sessions has been more than helpful in keeping my weight balanced.

Last but not least, perhaps as important as food and fluids, is minding your breathing. You don’t have to be a yoga fan as I am to make use of the millennia old and gold breathing techniques. Not only would they help you with leaving stress behind, but also keep your body in perfect health as the root to most health problems stems from low levels of oxygen in the cells. Don’t forget shopping, it’s the ideal therapy. By this I don’t mean I simply go on a shopping spree, but just the thought of buying myself something (even if it’s tiny) is good enough to brighten my day. What do you do for your body and soul to keep them rejuvenated?