From Low Quality of Bed Mattress to Opening Up Pandora’s Box of Bad Health

7 Apr 2017
Dana Grace

There are all sorts of people, but when it comes down to sleeping, there are two basic types we all fall into: the early bird and the night owl. Early birds love waking up in the early hours in the morning, sometimes well before sunset and watch the day being born with all its greatness, as opposed to the night owls who are finishing off their film and series marathons and are just preparing to hit the hay.

While we can’t say which is better since there’s no discussion on preferences and both types of people have their own hours of productiveness, trouble ensues when one doesn’t get the right amount of sleep. Regardless of whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, it’s important that you consider the amount and quality of sleep you’re getting. If you wake up throughout your sleep occasionally, hate to break it to you, but it’s a form of insomnia.


So, what could be behind the lack of sleep? Mostly, it’s a bad mattress and it’s not something we’re always aware of or not the investment we’re willing to make. Word of advice is to take all into account when shopping for matresses, because one certainly doesn’t fit all – size and material wise.

A bad mattress is the main culprit in lack of sleep, something that can easily lead to all sorts of problems. Perhaps you might not see the connection between your mattress and your morning drowsiness, but low quality of sleep comes as a result from sleeping on the inadequate mattress, so it’s not surprising to end up feeling in lack of energy as soon as you wake up. The sad thing is this drowsiness can easily turn into moodiness, and something not even a bucket of coffee could solve. Needless to say you also risk putting relationships in jeopardy: let’s be honest, no one can handle long periods of someone’s mood swings.

Now that we’ve established matresses can ruin relationships, they can also ruin your health in general. Have you noticed when you have lack of quality of sleep over a certain period of time, you’re more susceptible to catching a cold or the flu? This is because your immune system, the main body protector, gets worn down and off guard to potential threats when there aren’t enough z’s.

Threat is greater when you have the combination of old and inadequate mattress as the older it is the bigger the number of dust mites. In other words, your bad and old mattress is the breathing ground of allergies so if you’re feeling throat and lung irritation, don’t look further than the place you sleep for the cause. Dust mites thrive in warm and humid conditions so watch out. Latest matresses are designed to provide all the features necessary to give you the quality of sleep you so need, from hypoallergenic to thermoregulation and utmost body support.

Since we all want to look our best self and assess appearance high, we have to get the rest and relaxation necessary to avoid getting dark eye bags and age faster than we ought to. It’s not called beauty sleep for nothing and the mattress can help you out in achieving your best look ever.