What You Need To Know About Tooth Implants

28 Nov 2017
Dana Grace

We all have experienced losing a tooth. After all, it was an inevitable stepping stone in our development from little kiddies to big boys and girls. Not only did we get a new, sparkling white replacement within weeks, but we even got paid for it (thanks, tooth Fairy!). Although this new set of teeth are called “permanent”, due to bad diet, smoking, cavities, periodontal disease or trauma we can end up losing one or several of them. Unfortunately, this time we won’t get any money. But the good news is that your dentist has the perfect solution – tooth implants.

Tooth implants are one of the most significant breakthroughs in the history of dentistry, and are without a doubt the most successful way to replace your natural teeth. They have the closest resemblance to natural teeth, as opposed to dentures and bridges. When getting tooth implants, you’ll notice that they look, feel and function quite like your old teeth. Unlike the other alternatives, they do not affect everyday activities such as eating and speaking.

Getting a tooth implant involves a procedure where the dentist surgically installs an artificial tooth directly into your jawbone. The root of the natural tooth is replaced by a metal screw which serving as a strong foundation for attaching an artificial tooth (usually a crown). Although it sounds simple, getting tooth implants is not a fast dental procedure. In fact, it can take anywhere from three to nine months to be done.


First, you’ll need to undergo a complete exam involving X-rays to determine whether you’re a good candidate. The tests to determine whether you’re a viable candidate for getting an implant are normally not included in the tooth implant cost Melbourne and most dental clinics in Australia charge. After being given the green light, you’ll undergo a surgery for implanting the root, then take some time to recover before finally having your implants attached.

Compared to dentures and bridges, getting dental implants can initially seem more expensive. But if you consider that the procedure has a 98% success rate, with implants lasting even up to 30 years, you will forget all about these temporary solutions which can last for 8 years at most. When it comes to tooth implant cost Melbourne, Sydney and all dental clinics across Australia charge approximately the same. The only thing that can affect costs is the material used and the complexity of your procedure. Your dentist will discuss your entire implant costs after your suitability assessment, which is usually free of charge.