Tips to Help You Choose the Right Heavy-Duty Work Pants

19 Jul 2019
Dana Grace

When your work is messy or involves being on the move and exposed to a variety of conditions, a good pair of work pants is crucial. Not only should your work pants keep you comfortable, but they should also protect you from the risks your job involves and be durable and easy to maintain. If you’re new to welding, carpentry, mechanics, construction or some other type of heavy-duty profession, here are some tips to help you make the right choice.

Consider the Conditions You’ll Face

First of all, it’s important to consider the unique conditions you’ll be facing on a daily basis. For instance, if you’re working in construction or in a factory plant, you don’t want your pants to have a lot of frills that may get caught up in a machine and cause you to get hurt. If you’re working in an auto repair shop, you obviously shouldn’t wear pants in a lighter colour that will make oil stains stand out. Instead, it’s better to buy black work pants that won’t appear as dirty as lighter ones even when they’re stained. And if you’re working outdoors, you may want to get a pair of pants that is water-resistant and can keep you dry when working in wet conditions. Consider the conditions at your workplace to decide what features are suitable.

Pay Attention to the Materials

When it comes to heavy-duty work pants, there’s two types of materials to choose from, denim and canvas. Although you may think that denim work pants are the same as standard jeans, that’s not the case. Work pants made of denim are thicker and offer better protection than regular jeans. Since denim doesn’t offer much warmth, it can also be lined with flannel or fleece for protection in cold weather. As for canvas work pants, they make a great wind blocker and work well in high heat conditions. They are also more durable than denim pants as they have a smoother surface.

Pick the Right Colour

Just like regular pants, heavy-duty pants are available in a variety of colours. Many workers that have messy jobs tend to buy black work pants. However, any kind of dark colour, such as brown, navy or charcoal can be a great choice. You can even get pants with deliberate distressing which can make any potential stain seem as though it’s part of the design. But if you’re working in a field where visibility is an important aspect for your safety, like for instance construction, brighter, neon-like colours are the best choice.