The Healthy Way to Add Flavor to Your Glass of Water

10 May 2017

Water is the essential living force that all living organisms need in order to stay alive. Having in mind that our bodies are around 60% water, it comes as no surprise doctors and nutritionists never miss a chance to remind us that drinking around eight glasses of water a day keeps most illnesses at bay.

And although I could never replace the freshness of a cold glass of water on a tremendously hot day, there are people (like my mum) who prefer to give water an icy stare and replace it with a glass of juice, soda or even beer. Of course, later she complains about her chronic dry skin that can’t seem to get any softer no matter how many hydrating creams she buys, but the truth is – she never listens to me and my sister when we point out that drinking water can make it all better. (Yes, we have a reverse parenting case in our home.) Well, at least that’s the way things were right until we found out about natural water flavor enhancers that changed the way my mother perceived water because surprise surprise: there are more people like her out there!

We all know water has no defined taste nor smell and that’s the thing most of us love about it: its freshness and its simplicity. However, for some people, including my mother, that’s an issue. This is why they turn to unhealthy options such as artificial beverages.

Luckily, people found out about this early enough so they thought of a delicious way to give everyone a chance to drink their recommended 3 liters of water a day. The natural water flavor enhancers are a healthy and tasty option to add to your glass of water, the main sweetening ingredient of which is organic stevia. They come in different flavors such as lemon, kiwi, strawberries or peach and don’t contain artificial ingredients. However, the best thing of it all is the fact that they are 100% calorie-free.

This comes from stevia’s amazing ability to satisfy your sweet tooth without making you feel guilty about extra calories altering your body figure. Now that’s a whole package, isn’t it? Even though I was skeptic at the beginning and I thought that no matter what my mother will still replace water with other beverages, it turned out that those tasty water drops were stronger than my faith.

Me and my sister always knew that our mother prefers stronger tastes, that’s why she always adds more salt to her meals or more vinegar to her salads, but when the natural water flavor enhancers became the first item she puts in her bag before she goes to work, we realized that all these years we were accusing her of the wrong thing. We always thought she just doesn’t like water, but the only problem was she couldn’t stand how simple it tastes, because that’s how our mother is: she’s everything but simple.