Natural Dental Hygiene: Organic is the Way to Oral Health

1 Apr 2019
Dana Grace

For most of us, being in the habit of regularly brushing and flossing seems enough to maintain oral hygiene and prevent harmful bacteria from growing and leading to tooth decay. The question, however, is whether it’s enough when it comes to oral and overall health.

Lately, there’s been a great deal of debating whether to choose non-organic or organic, in other words, chemical or natural, and it’s gone beyond just the realm of food industry. The dental industry is no exception, with plenty of options of natural dental hygiene appearing on the market that you could make part of your life, if you already haven’t.

While many still consider natural toothpaste isn’t the effective counterpart of the traditional synthetic option, not only is it effective but it provides additional benefits too because it’s made from certified natural herbs and oils, such as aloe vera and tea tree, which means it has natural antibacterial properties.

Think about it, you get to use toothpaste on a daily basis, so you make way for chemicals in your body unknowingly if you use the synthetic type, packed up with harmful ingredients like fluoride, triclosan and SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulfate).

kid brushing his teeth

Unless you want to get dental fluorosis, and life-threatening diseases such as renal failure and cancer, it’s time to ditch the synthetics and choose organic. Besides, the natural dental hygiene products can help with sensitive teeth or mouth ulcers.

Enriching your life with organic products doesn’t have to end with the toothpaste considering there are natural based mouthwash and dental floss too, like the one made of 100% mulberry silk. Organic mouthwash doesn’t consist of harsh additives like alcohol, and has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help prevent gum disease.

This is essential because most of the harmful bacteria in the mouth can get through to other parts of the body, leading to various infections, so dental care isn’t just crucial for your dental health but your well-being as well.

Lastly, the toothbrush can be your pathway to health or issues equally depending on the materials it’s made of, meaning you shouldn’t take this choice lightly. The traditional plastic option is full of toxins, and aside from being dangerous to you, once you toss it out, it’s dangerous for the environment too, which isn’t the case with biodegradable bamboo and cornstarch, for instance.

To sum it up, get in the habit of oral hygiene, but not at the expense of the environment either. Organic products are affordable nowadays, so the change shouldn’t break your bank!