Men’s Chelsea Boots: Styling & Care Tips

27 Nov 2020
Larry Ficks

Invented by J. Sparkes-Hall, a bootmaker for Queen Victoria during the Victorian era, Chelsea boots were made to slip on and off your foot easily. This ease of use is achieved with an elastic vulcanised rubber side ankle. The simple yet stylish design of Chelsea mens boots has stayed relevant to this day. Chelsea boots are versatile and can be combined with a number of different clothing pieces without much effort. These boots are as rugged as a farmers work boot and as stylish as an oxford shoe, hence why it’s used in different clothing styles. Rubber may be what makes Chelsea boots stand out but it isn’t the material that makes them blend with every fashion piece you got in your wardrobe.



leather chelsea boots


Although more conventional, leather Chelsea boots for men have a classy look that’s just timeless. Chelsea men boots made of leather are not only more durable but they’re also waterproof. There are also different kinds of leather so you have a plethora of choices. One thing to note with leather Chelsea boots is that they require quite a bit of maintenance to keep that classy look for years to come.


This type of material is in its core still leather but it doesn’t provide the same qualities as leather. Suede Chelsea men boots are soft, pliable and flexible and also come in a wide variety of colours. While suede Chelsea boots are not going to last as long as ones made of leather, they will still develop what is known as patina as time goes by.

How to Wear Chelsea Boots Men?

With Chinos

Combining Chelsea mens boots with chinos makes for a look that gives off both a formal and a sophisticated vibe. All you need to nail this combo is to layer your outfit with the correct pieces. One main thing to keep in mind here is to stay away from chinos that grip onto your calves. Instead, go for slim-cut models.

With Jeans

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For a more casual look, pair your Chelsea boots with some jeans. This makes for a classic laid back look and it is easy to get into when going for a few drinks after work. You should go with a pair of black or dark brown Chelsea boots paired with a casual shirt or some indigo jeans. Avoid wearing skinny jeans with Chelsea boots. You can pair this combo with a chambray button-down shirt.

With a Suit

When wearing a suit, you want something to make for a more concrete formality on your feet. Chelsea boots are perfect for this occasion. Keep in mind though that the hem needs to be shorter to avoid multiple breaks at the front of the pants. Chelsea boots sit higher up than your typical Brogue boot.

With a Winter Coat

Winter is the perfect season to wear Chelsea boots as you can easily couple them with a winter coat. If you’re wearing a collared shirt you should go for a wool coat to make your outfit more structured. It’s best that you look for single-breasted, mid-thigh style coats for the ultimate statement-making look.

Business Casual

If your office dress code allows you to go for a more casual outfit, then pairing your Chelseas with some knitwear such as a roll-neck can create a great look. You can go with an Oxford shirt as well together with a crew-neck sweater.

Smart Casual

formal looking guy


Creating a smart casual look is as easy as it can get with Chelsea boots. Usually, you should go with black or darker coloured boots. Slim cut jeans are an essential part of any smart-casual outfit. Fine-gauge knitwear also goes well with jeans, boots and a light jacket or an unstructured blazer.

Taking Care of Your Chelsea Boots


When cleaning suede Chelsea boots for men you need to use a suede shoe brush. Gently remove any excess dirt or mud by following the direction of the fibres. If you find any stubborn stains or scuff marks, use a suede eraser to remove them. Use the eraser to rub the scuffed area and then wipe away the eraser debris from it.

men chelsea boots


When you’ve cleaned the boots and removed the marks and stains, its time to lift the fibres of the suede leather. Do this with a nylon brush. Next, dampen the suede brush with some water and add some suede leather cleaner to it. Clean the boots focusing on one spot at a time. Then, pat your boots with a clean cloth and remove excess moisture. Leave the boots to air dry.


Unlike suede, when cleaning leather shoes, you need to remove the dirt with a damp sponge. Afterwards, leave your leather Chelseas to air dry. Apply a thin coat of conditioner once the boots are dry. Allow it to soak for a couple of minutes and then polish your boots. Use a soft cloth and go in circular motions. Leave the polish to dry for a couple of minutes, wipe away any residue and you’re done.