Ergonomic Mouse: Why You Too Should Make the Switch

15 Jul 2019
Dana Grace

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that using something so small like a computer mouse can impact the quality of your whole life. But this comes at no surprise if you spend most of the day using a computer and interact with the mouse a lot. Chances are that the old standard computer mouse you rely on for navigation forces you to move in ways that are unnatural and uncomfortable and that can result in pain and several more serious conditions. An ergonomic mouse, on the other hand, allows you to keep your hands, elbows, wrists and arms in a natural position.

mouse vertical 2

One of the biggest ergonomic mouse benefits is that there is one for every user. If your hands are larger or smaller than average or you switch hands when you work, you can find a mouse designed to fit you. People with bigger hands, for instance, can find a mouse vertical design more appropriate. Using a mouse vertical makes your wrist feel like it’s in a handshake position which can make your movements smoother, resulting in less strain on your joints. The vertical mouse is taller than it is wide and rather than laying your hand flat on the mouse when using it, you hold your hand vertically, much like you would during a handshake. Besides preventing the pressure on your nerves and allowing your hand to be in a natural position, a mouse with ergonomic features can deliver other benefits as well. Let’s go through some.

A traditional mouse is bad for everyone, but using it often can be especially painful if you have arthritis. When you already have joint inflammation, the last thing you want to do is twist, stretch or strain. With an ergonomic mouse, you don’t have to.

Also, in case you used the standard traditional mouse initially, you may have developed some pain in your wrist which can lead to a condition called tendonitis. This usually occurs to people who repeatedly grasp or pinch with the thumb. Tendon damage to the wrist may lead to long-term damage and this is the reason why you need an ergonomic mouse to help prevent further damage to your wrist.

Finally, you don’t have to wait until the discomfort caused by the long term use of a standard mouse is extremely painful to handle. Another condition that the ergonomic mouse can prevent is carpal tunnel syndrome. This syndrome can be developed from various causes, but what’s most likely to lead to it is the use of an ordinary computer mouse (apparently, the number of people that can develop this type of condition rises significantly as the digital world becomes an important part of our lives).