Drones: From a Pastime Activity to a Business Opportunity

30 Apr 2018
Larry Ficks

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), also known to the wider audience as drones, have seen a rapid growth in popularity in the past couple of years. In fact, in the last two years drone sales have increased for more than 200%. They are not only fun to play around with as a pastime activity, but they’re also quickly becoming an indispensable tool in a wide range of industries. If you’re surprised by this fact alone, you’d be surprised at how creative some people in various industries have become in terms of utilizing drones for various different purposes.

You can find many different types and models of drones for sale Australia wide, some of which have advanced features like 4k cameras capable of taking high-resolution images and videos, Bluetooth, collision avoidance, terrain follow, GPS and autopilot, active tracking, and the ability to fly at speeds as high as 80km/h or even more. Due to high competition, manufacturers are also pushing the safety, reliability, battery life and control distance features of drones. So if you’re looking to start a business or have a business that can benefit from drones, why not give them a shot? Alternatively, you can offer drone services, and use it as a part-time or home based business.drone3

For instance, you can use it to take outstanding photographs. In fact, I have a friend from New Zealand who has managed to capture many breathtaking photos with his drone, which otherwise would have been extremely hard to take, or very expensive, at the very least. Photos and videos taken from the air provide a perspective that cannot be captured from the ground, and drones can be safely operated at lower altitudes and confined spaces. Sporting events, wildlife, real estate and sporting events can all be easily recorded with the help of drones.

Furthermore, they’re becoming indispensable tools for search and rescue organizations, simply because they’re the more affordable alternative to helicopters when it comes to aerial searches. You can fly the drone at night and reach areas where helicopters simply can’t. Equipping it with extra accessories, like night vision or infrared sensors, can help search and rescue teams detect individuals by heat emissions. Lastly, the drones can deliver emergency supplies if needed.

However, before you start looking for drones for sale Australia has some rules and regulations regarding privacy and public safety, so make sure to check them out so that you don’t get in trouble. Moreover, getting liability and damage insurance might be something worth considering, as they’re expensive pieces of equipment and accidents could happen anytime.