The Deciding Factors & Features to Look for When Buying a Protective Case

5 Sep 2019
Dana Grace

These days it seems that every gadget we own, be it a phone or a tablet, needs its own cover, case, and protective screen. And all that is for a good reason – touchscreen devices are easier to damage compared to the older models of cell phones. This means that we need to take better care of our high-tech possessions now, so purchasing protective cases is a given.

The main reason why I am more careful with my tablet and smartphone, and other electronic devices, as a matter of fact, is to reduce electronic waste. Although electronic waste is mostly regulated, I still believe that reducing and reusing is more considerate than just recycling. I have to admit that I wasn’t always that careful, even though I could afford the replacement.

This thought process led me to purchase protective cases for my devices. However, when I looked up the iPad Air 2 case online, I realized that I had no idea which features I actually needed. There were a lot of options online, so many cases made from different materials and with different features, so I had to do some researching before I made the final buying decision.

Adjustable stand

Although this feature may provide more convenience rather than protection, it is still a great one to have. As a matter of fact, it reduces the chances of you dropping your iPad when watching a video before falling asleep for instance. I can’t even begin to count how many times my phone or tablet has fallen down on my face while watching something on it and dozing off. Plus, it adds stability. When I want to show something that I am watching to my friends, I would rather not give them motion sickness from my shaky hands.

Drop protection

When looking up cases online, most of them have product descriptions. You can check if the case offers drop protection from a certain height and some other cool extra features. This means that the company has tested the case by dropping the tablet from that particular height to see whether it provides the needed level of protection.

Closure clasp

What is the use of having a cover if it won’t protect the screen as well? When I was looking for the ideal iPad Air 2 case for my needs, I specifically wanted one that can also cover the screen. This way, if I drop my iPad, I won’t be anxious about cracking the screen and having to replace it sooner than I wanted.

Raised edges

Some might say that raised edges are overkill for regular users, but I guess it depends on how clumsy you are. In any case, it doesn’t hurt to have them, as they absorb the shock from the drop better and provide greater protection.,