A Word on Beds for Toddlers

30 Aug 2019
Dana Grace

Becoming a parent you realise how you’re capable of loving someone so much more than you can love yourself, and even though there are all sorts of changes both with your lifestyle and behaviour, perhaps the biggest one is that of turning into a worrisome person.

Wanting the best for your child, you’d often think of his or her safety however teaching them how to be independent is part of responsible parenting too and co-sleeping is where it starts at; letting them sleep in a separate room, or at least bed, is the right way to go.

It can be a difficult transition to make but it’s for the best because this way you’d all get a good night’s sleep. Besides, there’s a vast variety of beds for toddlers you can choose from, offering plenty in practicality and style yet if it’s both you’re looking for in a sleek “packaging”, you can bet Scandinavian design abounds in them.

Apart from the simple design, the beds are still sophisticated and sure to fit in well with your interior décor. Depending on what you most need in a bed, whether or not you want to make it a purchase that would last you for years, you can pick from regular toddler beds and those that are created to grow with your child, turning into single beds.

Having in mind how space-savvy Scandinavian beds for toddlers are, their compactness won’t take up much of your space, and furthermore they even add to the storage thanks to practical details like under-bed drawers perfect for avoiding a mess of toys.

When your child grows, with the easy transformation into a single bed you won’t have to get rid of the bed and buy a new one, simply add the extension effortlessly and you get a bed suitable for the size of your child.

Given that Scandinavians are all about eco-friendliness, these beds are created with the focus on sustainability which can be seen in the choices of materials used from renewable resources like certified Nordic oak.

Also, you can cross off indoor air pollution off your list of worries considering the fabrics used are natural, as is the case with the mattress based on 100% Eco-Tex cold foam and 100% wool cover.

A combination such as this guarantees nights of quality sleep for your little ones because the mattresses are naturally breathable so they provide your children with optimised sleeping temperature. Taking all these properties into account, you can be sure you’re getting a bed that’s made for durability.