Exploring the Advantages of Small Sheds Made of Steel

21 Nov 2019
Larry Ficks

One of the biggest issues of most house owners is the lack of storage room in their outdoor space. Although you can toss your gardening tools to one side of the yard, leaving pointed or sharp tools lying about poses great danger, especially if you have kids. This is where garden sheds save the day. You can find these convenient units in different sizes, styles, and materials. Typically, the size of your shed will depend on your available space and your needs, while the style of the shed should match the overall exterior of your house. As for the material, some options are better than others and consequently, are more expensive than others. The best choice? Metal sheds, undoubtedly.

small shed storage

  • Affordable
    Garden sheds come in different sizes, designed to suit different spaces and storage needs. Normally, sheds small in size are less expensive than larger ones, and if you don’t have much outdoor space available they can be the ideal choice. Budget plays a great role in the decision-making process, so make sure you know upfront how much you can afford to spend and buy accordingly.
  • Lightweight
    Whether you order sheds small or large, you will receive the unit in a compact package. Thanks to that, you can easily fit the unit through the doorway and move it around your outdoor space almost effortlessly. Steel metal sheds are usually lightweight so moving the unit shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Easy to assemble
    To install your new shed you don’t have to be a professional. Small storage sheds made of steel are very easy to assemble. Just follow the installation instructions that come with the model you have chosen and you should be able to set it up in a timely fashion. Usually, everything you will need for the installation process will be included in the package so there really are additional or hidden costs or preparations needed.
  • Durable
    Do not let the light weight of metal sheds fool you. These small backyard storage sheds made of steel are incredibly solid. Believe it or not, this is one of their most important selling points. Metal is a long-lasting material that is hard to be damaged. Even plastic sheds come with some metal reinforcements in their support structure due to the resilience of this material. So, if you decide to buy a metal shed, rest assured that you will use this unit for over a decade.

metal small shed

  • Long warranty
    Dues to the fact that small storage sheds made of metal are very durable, they have really great warranties. So if you find that a certain unit has a ten or even a twenty-year warranty, do not be surprised, especially if that’s a large unit made by a renowned manufacturer.
  • Low maintenance
    Metal units feature a galvanized layer underneath which keeps them protected from the weather elements and prevents rusting. Also, this protective layer delays the onset of corrosion, reducing the effects on the seed. The only thing you will maybe get tempted to do is repaint the structure once every five years or so but other than that, occasionally spraying it with a hose is all a metal shed needs. Investing in a shed that needs just a little maintenance or none at all, will save you a lot of time and money.

small shed

  • No foundation needed
    Most of the time, metals sheds don’t need foundation. This is a great advantage if you keep mind how expensive it can be to construct and set up one. Moreover, foundations need to be set up by professionals so, yes, they are an investment. This is another reason why metal sheds are the most affordable option. With sheds small models, you don’t need a foundation – all you need is a flat patch of ground where you can assemble the structure.
  • No fire hazards
    There are so many considerations when buying a garden shed and potential fire hazards are one of the most important ones. Metal sheds are fire-resistant units and the material itself requires very high temperatures to start melting. Knowing this, you can rest assured that all your belongings stored inside the unit are safe and protected. Speaking of safety, these units are the king. Unlike wooden sheds, metal sheds feature reinforced hinges that prevent forced entry.

shed ventilation

  • Ventilation
    When buying, you can either go for a shed with a passive or an active built-in ventilation system. These may have a simple opening on the wall, on the roof, or an active ventilation system with fans. Storing your belongings in a well-ventilated space is very important if you want to keep them protected and in good condition. Ventilation prevents the buildup of condensation and when it comes to this, systems with fans are more efficient but they are also more expensive.
  • Easy makeover
    If the typical metal shed looks a bit dull for your taste, you can easily paint the structure with a colour you think would suit it best. The great thing about these sheds is that you will only need to repaint them every five years or so, which is not the case with wooden sheds as they need to be maintained and repainted yearly.