Prevent Foot Pain – the Importance of Proper Arch Support for Healthy Feet

5 Dec 2018
Larry Ficks

Investing in the wellbeing of your feet has more benefits than you think. Not just because they are responsible for your body’s agility, stability and their most obvious function – movement, but they can also reduce headaches, (especially migraine headaches), neck pain, lower and upper back pain as well as help in the proper alignment of your hips. I cannot stress how important it is to have shoes that fit your feet properly and not the other way around, whilst giving you the stability and function with enough space for your toes to freely move.

A good arch support is a big part of the solution here. It helps lessen foot pain which can not only cause discomfort, but it can also make it difficult to be mobile and go about your daily routines. Chances are, your feet’s bones will be compressed which, in turn, may result in weak foot muscles. So, in order for you to find the right shoes, you’ll need to follow some guidelines, which we’ve provided for you in today’s blog post. With the wide array of choices today, it can be hard to find women’s and mens dress shoes with good arch support, but that’s why we are here today.

mens shoes with good arch support

First, you’ll need a comfortable shoe that has a wide toe box with enough room to allow your foot to spread with every step as it lands on the ground. Forget about shoes that have a heel lift because they put your feet in an unnatural position, which makes your muscles tense and later on makes your legs hurt. The bottom of the women’s and mens dress shoes with good arch support needs to be easily bendable, otherwise, all the soft tissues won’t be fully used and they’ll get weaker as time passes. Your toes are meant to flex ninety degrees when walking and if your shoe has a hard sole preventing them from doing so, this will cause a lot of problems to your feet and your ability to comfortably walk.

When you are trying out shoes, make sure that they’re strapped around your ankle, because if not this can lead to a stress fracture and tissue injury over time, because your toes are going to grab at the shoe so they keep it on while walking, and this will make some bones push up and some down. Basic stretching of the whole body and not just your feet will slowly but surely build up your arch strength and flexibility, and with time you’ll be thankful for taking active measures on time.